What to Look For in a Used Golf Cart

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a golf cart — one of the most fun ways to get around. But… now what? How do you go about buying one? Are there golf cart dealers that you can check out or should you look online?

Buying one of these awesome vehicles can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you should know about buying pre-owned golf carts.

Look at the tires. - One of the first thing you should look at is the tires. Pre-owned golf carts that have tires with deep treads and no visible damage are best. Make sure they also hold air, too. Some old carts might have wheels that are leaky. Then again, if the tires are the only part of the cart that are worn, keep in mind


Spruce up Your Golfing

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While owning or using a golf cart when golfing is not imperative to the game, it certainly makes it much easier and far more enjoyable to focus on the actual playing instead of the hauling and walking around the course. If you are looking to buy a golf cart you may be wondering, if the midst of all the variety, which one you should buy. Let?s simplify it a little for you. Golf carts fall in to two main categories: gasoline and electric.

Gasoline golf carts run very similarly to cars. They have a small engine that is powered by gasoline. These types of carts start when you step on the gas