Charter Bus Travel Is Safe, Affordable, Convenient, and Environmentally Friendly

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Charter bus services

Call time for the first high school show choir competition of the season is 4:50 am on Saturday, January 16. The bus will leave at 5:30, but the students will be allowed into the school 30 minutes before departure. When the directors initially asked for parents to volunteer as chaperones, your husband immediately vetoed the idea.
The night before the contest, however, he is having second thoughts. Yes, chaperoning would obviously have included riding the busses with 190 high school music students. It also, however, includes a very nice luxury–charter busses. As he faces the proposition of driving the two of you the 180 miles for the contest, he jokingly suggested that maybe the two of you and some of the other parents should charter a bus yourselves!
Local charter bus services are a convenient, safe, and affordable way to travel. Many large groups realize that the cost to charter a bus is a small price to pay for this on time and comfortable way to travel. Large school, church, and athletic teams often find the charter bus option the very best solution to long road trips.
In addition to being safe and affordable, many charter bus companies have upgraded their fleets to include busses that are environmentally friendly as well. Consider the following statistics:

  • Every full chartered motorcoach has the potential for removing as many as 55 cars from the already congested highways. In addition to reducing congestion, eliminating vehicles also limits smog, fuel consumption, and emissions.
  • Motorcoaches emit less carbon dioxide than any other form of transportation when figured on a per person expenditure.
  • Motorcoaches get over 206 passenger miles per gallon (mpg), the lowest of all the other forms of passenger transportation. This number compares to 92 passenger mpg for rail transportation; 44 passenger mpg for domestic air travel; and 27 passenger mpg for single automobile travel.
  • In addition to being environmentally responsible, motorcoach transportation is also fiscally responsible. This form of transportation only receives six cents per passenger trip from the federal government. This compares to 77cents for public transit; $4.32 for airplanes; and $46.06 for Amtrak.

What are your travel plans for this weekend? Will you be riding in loud luxury on one of the five busses that are chartered for a 180 mile high school show choir road trip? Or, will you be up at 5:30 am driving your own car and then trying to stay awake for the 10:00 pm drive home? Doesn’t it at least make sense to charter a bus for the parents so that you can not only enjoy the show, but enjoy the ride home as well?

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