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People all across the country purchase or lease new vehicles every day. For some, they may be purchasing their first car and have tons of questions and concerns while others could just be coming in for a trade in or upgrade of what they currently have. No matter what the scenario may be, finding cars for sale and making the final purchase is always a big decision. Here are a few ways that two of the worlds largest manufacturers of vehicles, Chevrolet and Subaru, are making that decision easier for consumers:

1. Volume - You don’t have to drive often or very far to see a Chevy or Subaru on the road. In fact, if all the Chevrolets purchased in 2010 were lined up bumper to bumper, they would cover 51% of the earth’s circumference. That’s a lot of Chevys! Subaru is a part of the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese company named Fuji Heavy Industries which was the 26th biggest automaker worldwide in 2011. Any local new Chevy dealer will tell you that the volume is not slowing down anytime soon. Think about this: somewhere in the world a Chevrolet is sold every 6.5 seconds, and since 1912 Chevrolet has made over 200 million cars and trucks.

2. Variety - If you’ve ever visited a pre owned car dealer you probably know that when it comes to cars for sale there is a lot to choose from. That is good for you as a consumer because you are more likely to find the exact car for you and your lifestyle. For instance, there’s a reason that Subaru car dealers love being in the state of Colorado – it’s the brand that is consistently purchased the most there. People who love the outdoors like Subaru vehicles because they are both practical and fun to drive. Many of those same consumers appreciate how Subaru focuses on the environment. Subaru has a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for their end-of-life vehicles because they use highly recyclable materials throughout the manufacturing of their vehicles.

3. Reputation - Everyone has a brand they trust when it comes to cars for sale and Chevrolet and Subaru are often at the top of that list. The reputation of the Chevy brand has far surpassed just word of mouth – it has been mentioned in more than 1,000 songs! Subaru is known quite a bit for its use of the boxer engine layout in the majority of its vehicles.

When you are looking at cars for sale you’ll quickly notice that volume, variety, and reputation play a part. Make sure you ask your used car dealer all of the questions you have about the vehicles you are interested in and don’t feel pressured to purchase anything you aren’t comfortable with. Buying a new or used car can be an exciting process as long as you make sure you are confident in your decision.

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