Chevy Over 100 Years of Automotive Success

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Since it was founded on November 3, 1913, Chevrolet has headed the American automobile industry from its Detroit manufacturing plant. The famous Chevy bowtie emblem has been used since the company’s founding, although it has gone through several redesigns over the years with the lasted occurring in 2013. Although the car models have changed, the quality, reliability, and service offered by Chevy has remained; this is what makes Chevy an American-quality automobile manufacturer.

America’s Most Recognized Brand

The use of the Chevrolet brand in pop culture has been a trend that continues to this day. While it may be unclear who first name-dropped the American automobile manufacturer into their lyrics, the brand has been mentioned in over 1,000 songs to date. Pop culture icons like Jay Z, Kid Rock, and Mariah Carey are just some of the artists who have included a reference to Chevys in their songs; many Chevy-mentioning artists feel obligated to include America’s favorite truck in their music video to boot.

Chevy Sales

Since its founding Chevrolet has produced over 200 million vehicles; to put that in perspective, the current American population is just over 300 million. Yearly sales continue to improve for the auto giant; new and pre owned car dealers in over 140 countries lead to estimates that a Chevy is sold every 6.5 seconds. The sales from 2010 alone, if lined bumper-to-bumper, would cover over half of the circumference of the earth — at least they would if they could just avoid those pesky oceans!

Buying a Chevy

With over 4,300 Chevrolet dealerships across the nation, finding local Chevy dealerships in your area shouldn’t be a challenge. Unlike the stereotypical picture of used car dealers, local Chevy dealers tend to let the product speak for itself. With manufacturer-backed warranties and some of the highest resale values of any American automobile manufacturer, it pays to check out a Chevy.

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