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Corporate relocation service

Everybody has seen those special double-decker trailers loaded up with cars, but few have ever had occasion to see their own car loaded up on to one. The car shipping industry is incredibly important, but largely unseen, except by people with a very specific need. You might one day need the help of this transportation industry, so it’s worthwhile to get the facts straight.

What is car hauling?

Car shipping, hauling, transport, and moving are all the same thing. People who want their vehicle to be moved from one place to another, without putting extra miles on the vehicle, need only work with a vehicle transportation company. Depending on the season, the advance notice, the type of vehicle, and the shipping arrangement, a car can be moved in a matter of days, or a matter of months. These companies are mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation to have liability and cargo insurance, which makes car transportation an economical and smart option.

What is a corporate relocation service?

Not all car shipping scenarios are created equally. For example, when individual employees, with or without families, are relocated, the company might use a relocation service to take the burden off of the employee, and to save money. If you’re responsible for managing the relocation of employees or entire departments, you may want to partner with a relocation service.

What are specialized transportation services?

The shipment of boats, antique cars, motorcycles, and heavy equipment across the country, or across the ocean, could be considered a part of specialized services. Certain types of car transport, depending on the arrangement, may also require special transportation services. Some companies are devoted to specialized transportation, while some car transport companies include specialized transportation among their services, making it easy to go through just one company to have your boat, RV, and your car moved across the country or across the world.

To drive a vehicle across the country would likely rack up at least $2,200 in fuel, not to mention several hundred dollars more in lodging, food, tolls, and other miscellaneous expenses. The wear and tear that a trip like that would put on a vehicle also attaches an invisible price tag to the cost of DIY car transport. Taking all of these things into consideration, car moving companies fill a much needed niche, and take a lot of the stress and expense out of car shipping. Also, whether you need a car, boat, RV, employee, or motorcycle moved, this industry steps up to the challenge. Should you ever have a need for more efficient vehicle shipping, you now know where to look. For more about this, go here: www.dasautoshippers.com

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