Common Auto Repairs That May Improve Your Vehicles Performance

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Auto collision services

The average car repair at an auto collision solutions shop in the United States during 2014 was in the range of $375 to $423. Now, four out of every five repairs performed have to do with the durability of the vehicle, and the second most common vehicle repair, about 25% or repairs, are repairing the spark plug and ignition coil.
What are the most common check engine light repairs performed?
Collision repair services see many check engine lights daily, and the most common repair for it is the oxygen sensor which can hurt your vehicles fuel economy by up to 40%. The most costly check engine light repair in 2014 was “replace transmission assembly”, and that cost was $6,400 on average. Using the correct oil, lighter weight oil for colder temperatures and heavier oil for warmer temperatures, will help the check engine light stay off.
What fixes to your vehicle will help with gas mileage?
There are certain fixes that can help to improve gas mileage, starting with keeping the vehicle tuned properly, which can help gas mileage by improving it 4%. Simply having an auto collision solutions shop fix your oxygen sensor will improve your mileage by 40%. Gas caps that are missing, loose, or damaged are a cheap fix and can diminish the 147 million gallons of gas that evaporate each year.
Sending your car to get auto repair services done can give a longer life span of your vehicle and help with the gas mileage of your travels. Auto and collision repair shops can give your car a look over to make sure everything is running at its best on your vehicle. When you are sure your car is running properly, take her out for a spin, show her off, and maybe give her the car detailing that she deserves.

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