Do You Know Your Hybrid Battery’s Life Span?

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How to get the best mpg

You love your hybrid car and the great fuel economy you get with it, but you worry about the battery and how long it will last. Knowing a Honda Civic hybrid battery life span will help demystify the question, so you?ll feel more empowered and less stressed when the need for replacement arrives; you won?t get taken unawares.

Who says I own a Honda?

According to Statistic Brain, an estimated almost 2. 2 million hybrid vehicles were sold in 2012 in the United States, and of those vehicles, more than 200,000 were Honda Civic Hybrid models, because the Honda Civic Hybrid gets 44 miles to the gallon on average. So I?ll assume you?re one of those clever owners.

Don?t Hybrid Vehicles cost more?

While hybrid vehicles do cost an average of 15 to 25% more than traditional, gas only vehicles, that cost can be recouped several times over if you intend to own the vehicle for a healthy span of time. Hybrid vehicles are estimated to be 20 to 35% more fuel efficient than traditional gas powered vehicles, because hybrid vehicles run off gas power and electrical power, to conserve gas and reduce harmful emissions by an average of 25% to 35%. And hybrid vehicles not only save you money on fuel costs, but will also benefit your environment, because of the decrease in harmful green house emissions. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rated the 2000 Insight (just one of the many choices of Honda civic hybrid) as the most efficient, certified gasoline fueled vehicle ever, with a highway rating of 61 miles to the gallon and a combined city/highway rating of 53 miles to the gallon.

Another smart reason to own a hybrid engine vehicle is that, in the United States, there can be tax incentives to purchasing a hybrid vehicle, saving hybrid drivers up to $3,400 dollars on their taxes.

What’s the average Honda Civic hybrid battery life?

Well, because hybrid battery packs do not typically outlast the car itself, nearly all hybrid car owners will be in the market to repair or replace their battery pack at some point, usually in the range of six to ten years after the car?s original purchase. Research shows that an average Honda Civic hybrid battery life can be as low as six years, but many hybrid vehicle batteries come with an eight year/100,000 mile warranty, which is terrific for the consumer, because a hybrid battery replacement can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 dollars on average in the U.S.

So let?s see, saves you money on gas, great warranties, environmentally sound? Why aren?t you already out driving your fuel efficient hybrid car?

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