Does Your Family Like to Take Road Trips at the Drop of a Hat?

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It is difficult to say, but the summer really is almost over. In an effort to make the most of the remaining weekends that are not packed full of the kids’ athletic events, the teenagers’ part time jobs, and other work and volunteer commitments, however, you made a bold purchase.
A full size recreational vehicle.
Instead of chasing down the best hotel room prices only to be forced to pay expensive meals out at restaurants, your family has decided to travel by RV for the last few weekends this summer and to many other weekend tournaments in the future. Yo have now joined the 11% of U.S. households with parents in the 35-to-54 year old age group who own an RV. Once thought of as a popular option for the over 55 age group, it seems like the biggest fans of this mobile traveling lifestyle is no longer the 9.3% of the older crowd, but the age group that is still vacationing with their children.
with Brake Controller Options, RV Travel Can be Safer Than Ever Before
While many consumers are looking at the convenience and affordability of family RV travel, others are impressed with safety features the electric brake controllers for trailers. with the additional electronic sway control, even less experienced RV travelers can feel at ease behind the wheel. One safety feature is a weight distribution system. A weight distribution hitch comes with two weight ratings. One is for the gross trailer weight; the other is for the tongue weight. This safety feature is recommended if your trailer weight is more than 50% of the pulling vehicle’s weight.
Another feature that is often available in conjunction with the brake controller is the trailer sway device. This safety feature comes in two basic types. One is a device that reduces sway once it has started. The second type is a device that works to prevent sway altogether.
With the help of these two features and the all important brake controller, RV travel can be a safe family option, even for the first time RV owner.
Vacationing Families Often Look for Ways to Travel Efficiently and Effortlessly
Summer vacation travel can take a lot of work and a good deal of planning. Looking for and booking hotel rooms can seem like a great task that is not for the feint of heart. And while some families continue to search for the best hotel deals only to be looking for somewhere affordable to eat their meals, other families make a decision to travel by RV. With more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds in America, families that travel by RV can take to the road for a short weekend, or for an entire month. With kitchens that allow families to make their favorite meals while they are on the road, RV travelers are not forced to pay the high price of eating out for every meal.
RV travel has become so popular in some parts of the country that entire communities come together to spend summers or other holidays together. At RV parks complete with gold courses, swimming pools, and biking trails, some families gather for Halloween Parades in October and midnight celebrations on New Year’s. Not surprisingly, some retired couples have even been known to sell their permanent home and let their RV be their main residence. Able to relocate to warmer weather in the winter, these couples do not need to worry about pipes freezing or roofs leaking when the rainy and snowy months arrive. Without a permanent house to worry about, these people instead take their home with them where ever they travel.
Whether it is a family of four looking for a fun way to get away from the hectic schedules back home or a retired couple who is ready to permanently be on the road, RV travel can be a versatile option. Affordable meals, affordable campgrounds, and quick access to the great outdoors make recreational vehicles an increasingly popular option.
Where will your family travel these last few weekends of the summer? Do you have time for just one more trip before the kids start school and the busy schedules of athletic practices and part time jobs fill your days?

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