Exploring 3 of the Most Common Tpes of Tires for You Car

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How to find the right tires

Tire options are a lot like footwear in that there’s a specific tire for each kind of environment, weather, or task. You wouldn’t just wear any old kind of footwear, so why would you choose just any kind of tire for your vehicle? Knowing or at least having a vague or basic understanding of how to find the right tires, how to shop for tires, when to get new tires, and what types of tires are out there can save you thousands in gas, tire repairs, and even vehicle repairs. In addition, using the appropriate tire and the right tire can also improve and enhance your vehicle’s performance, safety, and the comfort it provides passengers.

Although it’s easy to assume that there aren’t different types of tires out there, it’s important to remember that not all tires are created equal. Determining what types of tires are best for your vehicle depends on many different things, including how big or small your vehicle is, what the road conditions you’ll be driving in are like, and what exactly you use your vehicle for. For example, a large vehicle that tows in the snow will need much different tires than one a small, electric car that’s only driven a few miles each day in sunny weather.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of tires to help you better understand how they impact your vehicle’s overall efficiency, performance, and safety.

Tires for the summer

These types of tires are meant to be used in dry or slightly wet road conditions, such as during or after a summer thunderstorm. Summer or warm weather tires should never, ever be driving over ice, in snow, or in cold temperatures and climates. These offer the best traction or “grip” when the weather is warm, such as during the summer months. The majority if not all summer tires have tread designs that are made up of complex directional patterns and orbital grooves that work best in hot, humid summer temperatures. If you plan on replacing your summer tires, it’ best to choose types of tires that are the exact size of the originals. Larger or wider summer tires aren’t always ideal, as these may increase the chances of hydroplaning. Summer tire with directional tread designs minimize this risk.

Tires for winter

For many drivers that live in Northern most regions of the United States and Canada, winter tires are an absolute must. These kinds of hearty tire use a variety of rubbers and tread patterns to maximize traction in cold winter condition, such as slick ice, snow, and sleet. Unlike summer tires, winter tires are generally softer in colder temperatures which allows them to brake faster and handle turns and hills better in winter conditions. This is why summer or warm weather tires should never be driven in winter conditions. In order to choose the best kind of winter tires for your vehicle, it’s best to first understand your own winter or cold weather driving style and as well as how your vehicle is used during the winter. Are you towing or are you just commuting back and forth to work for the most part? It’s a good idea to choose winter tires that are similar or the same size as your vehicle’s original tires. For cutting through snow, narrow tires are best.

All season tires

Have you ever heard of the saying about being a jack of all trades but a master of none? Well, this exact same sentiment can be applied to all season tires. They’re designed to be driven all year round and generally do the trick, however they may not always perform as well in extreme hot or cold conditions, such as in areas with drastic weather changes. Using a combination of various tire technologies, compounds, and tread patterns, all season tires can function competently in a wide variety of road conditions during both the summer and winter and every season in between. Keep in mind that all season tires aren’t without their flaws. They typically don’t handle as well in icy conditions.

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