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What is trailer sway control

So when you purchased your new trailer, you probably didn’t know anything about trailer switch sway control systems. Now you have purchased it, it becomes something imperative to have and invest in because you don’t want your trailer to swerve around the road while you’re driving. If this happens, everyone will be affected nearby with a swaying truck all over the road, causing damage and destruction. Avoid this by finding the most reliable trailer switch sway control brakes for your trailer.

Understanding what Electric Trailer Brake Controllers Are

So let’s begin with the basics. Trailer switch sway control brakes are just electric trailer brakes. These breaks determine when your trailer will stop in accordance with your truck. There are two types of electric brakes on the market right now: proportional brake controllers and time-delated brake controllers.

These essentially help you answer your question of, andldquo;What is Trailer Sway Controlandrdquo; if you had no idea before now. These brakes do just that; prevent your trailer from swaying across the road. Each type of brake has their pros and cons and it must be assessed carefully. You need brakes that are going to fit you and your current convenience.

Pros and Cons of Proportional Brake Controllers

The first, and most effective, of the two controllers is the proportional brake controller. This controller has a sensor on it that will respond immediately when you press on the brake. For maximum trailer sway control, these brakes are the must-have for any trailer-owner. The sensor is able to detect the immediate moment you brake, causing equal intensity on the brake of the trailer. So here is the quick list of pros about proportional brake controllers:

  • Smooth driving, so you never have to worry about swaying;
  • Quick braking to help you avoid hitting traffic; and
  • Increased intensity versus the time-delayed brake controller.

These are the most reliable brakes to have and will ensure the safety of both your trailer and your truck. There are a few drawbacks though. These include:

  • Not as easy to install: requires professional installation for most people. It’s difficult, but it’s worth it.
  • More expensive: These trailer hitch sway control brakes are a little more expensive than the counterparts. However, they are the best.

The Effectiveness Means Everything

Because of how effective proportional electric brake trailer controllers are, there is no need to mention the time-delayed brake controllers. The perks of the proportional brake controllers exceed beyond that of the time-delayed brake controllers. The price gap between the two are also beginning to close as the years go and technology advances.

Purchasing these trailer hitch sway control systems will provide you with reliable trailer braking. Never worry about getting in an accident or your trailer falling off ever again with the best trailer hitch sway control.

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