Find the Right Driving Course for Your Teen with These 6 Tips

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Drivers ed phoenix az

If you have a teenage child, you may be considering what to do to teach them how to drive. You may be thinking about teaching them yourself. Nearly 56% of all teenagers look to their parents to learn how to drive. This is a dangerous time for teens. It has been estimated that during their first year driving, a teen is 10 times as likely to be involved in a car accident. As many as 20% of all kids in the 11th grade report having been in a car accident within the last 12 months. If you are looking for a driving course, here are some tips for finding the right drivers education course.

  1. Check on the driving school’s accreditation. When you are researching schools online, make sure you check to see that the schools you are considering are part of the various professional associations with which many driving schools are often affiliated. Two of the main associations are the Traffic Safety Education Association and the American Driver Association. The proper accreditation shows that the school has passed the necessary tests and the teachers are properly trained on how to teach teens to drive.
  2. Take some time to read the reviews. When you want to see how good (or bad) a business is, one great way to find out is to read what other people have thought about the goods or services they provide. It is important to note that if you see a lot of negative reviews that were posted without names being attached, they should not be taken as seriously. Psychologists say that people are more prone to complain than compliment so there may be something else going on there. If you see a lot of comments from different people who did leave their name, you can get a good sense of how good the driving courses were.
  3. Make sure the driving school has a valid license for teaching. You want your teen to learn to drive but the instructors need to work for a school whose license is valid. Before you enroll your child in any driving course, contact your state’s department of motor vehicles and check on the license for the school. You should also talk to the school. If they balk at giving you this information, you should go to a different school. No reputable driving school is going to have a problem sharing this information with you. In fact, they should be happy to let prospective clients know that they have the right license.
  4. Try to find driving courses that welcome your involvement. Sending your teen out onto the road to drive can be scary. This is a big deal for both the teens who are learning to drive and the parents who are helping with the process. The school that offers driving classes for teens should understand what a big step this is and welcome parental involvement in the process. You should also be able to get information about how well your child is doing in the driving courses. You want to know what progress is being made to feel safer when your child is out on the road by themselves.
  5. Ask about the different driving conditions your child will experience. There is much more to driving than looking before pulling out of a parking spot or using turn signals. You need to look for driving courses that offer their students the chance to experience a wide variety of driving conditions. They need to be exposed to driving around town and on the highway. New drivers need to be taught how to handle a vehicle in different situations and settings.
  6. Look at the number of students each instructor has. The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that the ideal ratio of instructors to students is ten students for each instructor. They further report that the absolute maximum is 24 students for every instructor. If the school you are looking at has more students in each class than that, you should keep looking.

Finding the right driving courses for your teen can seen challenging but is possible. The right driving school can help them learn how to drive safely.





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