Five Fascinating Fun Facts About Chevrolet

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IF you’re looking to buy a new car, you should pay a visit to your local new Chevy dealer. Chevrolets are an all-American car that’s sold all over the world, and your local Chevy car dealerships undoubtedly have a vehicle, or many, that will strike your fancy.

Chevrolet has been producing vehicles since the beginning of the 20th century, and they are well-known worldwide. But there are also some things you may not know about Chevrolet and its vehicles. Check out this list of Chevrolet fun facts and see if they inspire a visit to your local Chevy dealers:

  1. Could you even begin to imagine how many vehicles Chevy has produced over the years? Well, believe it or not, the company has produced more than 200 million cars and trucks since 1912. That’s pretty impressive!
  2. Chevrolet’s popularity is pretty widespread, as you can find Chevrolets on the road in over two-thirds of the roads around the word.
  3. For all the Chevy vehicles made, there is also a Chevy vehicle sold, somewhere in the world, every 6.5 seconds.
  4. Chevy vehicles are so popular that there are references made to Chevrolet and its vehicles all over pop culture. Mariah Carey, Kid Rock, Jay Z, and The Beach Boys are among some of the musicans who have referenced Chevys in their songs, and Chevys have appeared in movies and TV shows from The Simpsons, to American Graffiti, to Beverly Hills 90210.
  5. The famous Chevrolet bowtie emblem was first used in 1913, and is alleged to have been inspired by a French wallpaper design, or a stylized Swiss cross.

Chevrolet makes well-respected and nice-looking vehicles that you can be proud to drive for many years to come. Why not visit your local new Chevy dealer today, and see what you can find. Your local new Chevy dealer may also have used models available, if you’re looking for a slightly lower price. See this reference for more.

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