Five Things to Know when Purchasing Your First Adult Vehicle

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There comes a point in most people’s lives where they realize it is finally time they have to think and act like an adult. Maybe it’s the beginning of a marriage, the conclusion of education, or the birth of a new baby. Whatever it is, many have the realization that their new “adult” life has requires a different kind of vehicle. Whether they are holding on to their fifteen-year-old hand me down sedan or driving a small vehicle with little practical utility, upgrading to an adult or family friendly car is a must. If this rings true for you, keep reading to learn about the five things you should consider when buying your first grown-up car.
1) Finances Whether you are starting your search with local Subaru dealers or the internet, you need to first understand your budget. Before you walk into new Chevy dealer, one of the local Subaru dealers, or the used car depot down the street, you need to know exactly what kind of car payment you can handle. It’s ideal to have a loan already in place before even making your first visit to one of the dealers in your area.
2) Safety One of the primary differences between your adult car and the one that you nursed through your college years should be its safety rankings. Cars have made huge technological advances in safety in the last few years, and you should aim to take advantage of those. Consider the safety rankings and don’t fret over spending a few extra bucks at your local new Chevy dealer to protect your family.
3) Reliability When it comes to cars, reliability is key. Consider brands of cars with strong histories. Since they began in the early twentieth century, Chevy has gained experience by manufacturing over 200 million cars and trucks. The parent company of Subaru actually started out in aircraft research, given them a strong basis in sound mechanics. You don’t want to spend your life in and out of a repair shop, or have to deal with unexpected maintenance. Consider this during your purchase.
4) Versatility Often, the lives of young adults are rapidly changing. When shopping for your new car, talk to the people at the local Subaru dealers or new Chevy dealers about what models of vehicle will give you the versatility to accommodate your lifestyle, including the potential addition of new children.
5) Style Just because you’re becoming an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Think about brands like Subaru who specializes in cars that give you the practical features you need while maintaining the fun of driving. More and more companies understand that everyone wants an attractive looking vehicle, so don’t hold yourself to the notions of what you used to think counted as an adult vehicle.
If you understand your budget, prioritize safety, and realize you never need to sacrifice style, your next trip to one of your local Subaru dealers or other car dealership might just give the ability to make that next big step to adulthood! Don’t worry-you can still keep your juice boxes. That’s what cup holders are for!

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