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I am never not listening to National Public Radio. They have the most up to date and informed news around. They have some of the most intelligent and hilarious talk and game shows you will ever hear. And NPR classical music will expose you to all of the classics, as well as music you have never heard before. Every time I listen to NPR, I learn something new and fascinating. For that reason alone, you should listen too.

Even when I am not in the car I listen to NPR. They have an NPR streaming radio app for any phone, or you can go to the NPR website and stream there. The best part is that you do not need to listen to just your area NPR. If there is a show on that you do not like, you can listen to any other NPR station from across the nation. Not all stations broadcast the same shows at the same time, so there is always variety to be heard, whether it is Car Talk or NPR classical music.

One of my favorite shows is NPR Car Talk. It consists of two mechanics who take calls from people who have car problems and questions. These two brothers then answer the car questions right off the top of their heads. They do not use computers or do the research for the questions ahead of time. It is one of the most informative, fascinating, educational, and downright hilarious, hours of radio you will ever hear. They even offer NPR car donation, in which you can donate your car to the station, that then sells it, using all of the proceeds to benefit that station. Then you get to write it off on your taxes.

If you have not listened to NPR, you are truly missing out. You really should tune your radio dial there the next time you get into your car. With all of the news, NPR classical radio, and variety of content being played all of the time, you are doing yourself a disservice by not listening to it. When you think about it, what should be a higher priority to you? Listening to the new duet from Pink and the lead singer of Fun, or staying on top of all of the latest news and tech by listening to NPR? I will let you decide.

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