Four Awesome Reasons to Use a Chartered Bus for Your Next Group Trip

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Are you arranging a trip for a large group? You might feel all of the details that you have to coordinate are overwhelming. You have to consider budgets, lodging, a schedule of events, food, how to get your group from here to there, and transportation once you get there. If you make the wrong choices for your tour group, you could ruin the trip for everyone. No pressure.

While we can’t help you with most of your details, we have one golden egg piece of advice for you: reserve a chartered bus for your trip. Using a chartered bus accomplishes all the arrangements you need to get your group from your originating location to your destination. Chartered buses also take care of all of your transportation needs while you are traveling, so that you don’t have to worry with rental cars, public transportation, taxis, or any other ways to get around town. Two birds, one stone.

If you aren’t convinced, here are a few more benefits to traveling by chartered bus:

  1. Chartered buses offer flexibility.

    Getting a large group of people to and from all of the events during the trip can be like trying to coral a herd of wild hyenas. This is particularly true when a wrench gets thrown into your plans, such as the event you were supposed to attend being rained out. All the transportation and accommodations that you had to make to get a group to their event now have to be changed, and new plans have to be made. If you’re traveling by chartered bus, you have the option of simply telling the driver your new destination. Problem solved. Furthermore, some destinations are difficult to get to through other forms of transportation. A bus can get you anywhere where there is a road.
  2. Charter bus services are safer.

    Although you want your fellow travel companions have a great time, your utmost concern is probably their safety. The data shows that traveling by bus is far safer than any other mode of transportation. According to a study reported by CNN, you are 41 times less likely to be fatally injured in a bus wreck than you are in a car wreck. If traveling by motorcycle is (somehow) a thing you’re considering, go ahead and cross that off your list. Traveling by motorcycle is 1,550 times more dangerous than traveling by bus. If you’re traveling by space shuttle, you still hold a 14 times greater chance of dying than if you travel by bus.

    Bottom line: buses are super safe.

  3. Buses are environmentally friendly.

    The planet Earth loves when you travel by charter bus. Because the bus can carry so many people to a single destination, the use of fuel is far more efficient than traveling separately. A chartered bus typically gets 206 miles per gallon for every passenger on it. To put that in perspective, an airplane gets 44 miles per passenger, and a personal vehicle will get about 27 miles per passenger. This means that traveling by chartered bus uses four to eight times less gas than other common forms of transportation.

  4. Chartered buses are economically friendly.

    While purchasing airline tickets, your cost increases with each passenger in your group. Meanwhile, a chartered bus charges a flat rate based on the number of days you are using it. Every passenger you bring divides the cost per person another way. A chartered bus can hold 56 passengers, this means you have 56 opportunities to make the cost of travel as low as possible. And as we mentioned, it also zeros out all the expenses for getting around town while your tour group is touring. If you added up all the transportation expenses for traveling by airplane and then arranging taxis, trains, or rental cars the entire time you are there and compared it to the cost of chartering a bus, the savings would blow your mind.

To sum it up. If you don’t like having flexibility and convenience while you travel, if you safety is not important to you, if you hate the environment, or if money is no object, then go ahead and ignore our suggestion. Otherwise, a chartered bus is the way to go!

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