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For some people, buying a new car can be one of the single-most exhilarating purchases of their life. If you have a special place in your heart for new and exciting features in vehicles, you may want to head to your new Chevy dealer or stop by the local Subaru dealers to check out some of the newest innovations.

#1. Chevrolet SS Full-Sized Car

Selling over 4.76 million cars and trucks in 2011, it’s clear that Chevrolet continues to develop vehicles to satisfy current market demands. If you are interested in performance vehicles, be sure to check out if your local new Chevy dealer has any Chevrolet SS’s on the lot. This is the first rear-wheel drive V8 Sedan available to the public in many years. This car has many features built to enhance driver and passenger safety such as park-assist, a lane-departure warning system and a blind spot monitoring system.

#2. Subaru XV Crosstrek

The Japan-based automobile manufacturer Subaru offers modern cars that appeal to customers based on their practicality as well as their enjoyable driving experience. If you are interested in seeing the updated models in your local car dealership’s Subaru inventory, look out for the updated Subaru XV Crosstrek. Available in two distinct models, the premium version includes cool features like a touch-screen navigation system, voice-activated controls that are capable of sending SMS text message and a rear-vision camera built in to the limited edition model.

#3. Chevrolet Trax Subcompact Crossover SUV

Predicted to be a competitor of both the Jeep Renegade and the Buick Encore, the Chevrolet Trax was introduced to United States markets in 2015. Created for the customer who prefers comfort to sport, this vehicle prioritizes safety through many airbags. The smaller size makes it manageable for parking and maneuvering around a city while customer reviews state that the interior feels spacious for the small size of the vehicle. If you are a consumer looking for a practical vehicle, ask your new Chevy dealer about the Chevrolet Trax.

#4. Subaru BRZ

Subaru vehicles have come along way since their first model–the Subaru 1500. One of the newest Subaru models, the BRZ gets its name from its boxer engine, rear-wheel drive, and zenith. The star has always been important to the Subaru brand as the word Subaru is Japanese for the Pleiades cluster of stars. The Subaru logo is also inspired by this star cluster. The high-fuel economy of this vehicle and excellent steering capability impress consumers while downsides seem to be the small trunk and audio controls that are difficult to learn.

Wherever your values lie when it comes to buying a new vehicle, test driving is the only true way to find out if you connect with a car or not. User reviews can give you lots of information about what to expect, but seeing and the car in person will help you know for sure whether it is the right car for you.

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