Four Reasons Car Talk NPR Rises Above the Competition

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Podcasts are all the rage these days, and why not? They are streaming videos that usually are discussions or how tos on everything from building cars to doing taxes. Podcasts are the norm today, not the exception. And one podcast in particular that relates to cars is gaining more steam as more people realize its value. Through Car Talk NPR, or National Public Radio, has managed to put together an extremely useful car talk show that continues to gain viewership with each passing week. How does it do it?

First, NPR Car Talk discusses nothing more than cars. It is not a marketing ploy to draw in car lovers, nor does it pretend to be something that it is not. This show puts it all out there for everyone to see, with a website that is both versatile and user friendly. People can easily explore the site to learn whether the show is right for them based on the topics that have been covered and discussed in past podcasts.

Second, Car Talk NPR is hosted by a likable professional who knows his cars. What would a good podcast be without a strong personality to lead the way? Car Talk NPR has such a host in Jim Motavalli, who understands cars and who loves them unconditionally. His energy and enthusiasm for cars are infectious, as is his understanding of the myriad topics covered in each podcast and session. Through the show, his energy shines through, even across the web.

Third, Car talk npr has a powerhouse in NPR on its side, which already has a very loyal following. Most people like to listen to NPR on their way to work or while at work, but increasingly they are utilizing webcasts like Car Talk NPR to get a visual on what they have been hearing about for so long. With such a strong organization to back up its programming, it is no surprise that the show has done so well.

Fourth, Car Talk NPR is all about interacting with these loyal followers. Podcasts usually are filmed beforehand and then published online, but the interaction between the host and listeners and viewers is noticeable even on the show’s website. There are always ongoing discussions about something or other related to cars. This continual discussion is open and honest, fair and balanced. These are the reasons why Car Talk NPR is doing so well.

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