Fuel Hose Clamps Come in a Variety of Sizes and Styles

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Hose clamp tool

An adjustable hose clamp may be the most versatile part there is. Fuel hose clamps, for example, can be used in many automobile repairs. Extra large hose clamps can be used to attach a tube to the back of a clothes dryer. Small hose clamps can be used for a variety of household repairs.
The hose clamps themselves are available in a couple of basic different designs, including screw clamps, worm drive clamps, and wire spring hose clamps. They also come in a variety of sizes. Fuel hose clamps, for example, are available in both metric sizes and standard inch sizes. Some clamps can even be joined together to create an even larger clamp.
Wire spring hose clamps. These kinds of clamps are typically made of a heavy piece of wire, and are most often bent into a tight U shape. These clamps are often used as fuel house clamps. These clamps are opened and closed by pinching and unpinching the non clamp end of the mechanism.
Worm gear clamps. these types of clamps are typically used when the hose needs to remain connected to the fitting. Because it completely opens up, a worm gear hose clamp allows the user to open the clamp and place it around the hose and them slip the clamp through the belt mechanism. As with any clamp, it is important that a worm gear clamp is not over tightened.
Screw hose clamps. These clamps, as indicated by their name, are opened and closed by a turning a screw with a screwdriver. These are very good clamps, but again the user needs to make sure that the clamp is not overtightened. Over tightening can result in stripping the clamp itself or creating a hole in the hose.
While hose clamps are so versatile that they can be used in many situations, often the best choice is to select the clamp that is the exact same of what is being replace. In an emergency, any clamp can be used temporarily while the correct clamp is found. Many auto mechanics, plumbers, and other workers always have a variety of hose clamps in stock for a variety of repairs.

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