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Purchasing a new car is incredibly exciting, until the monthly payments kick in, insurance premiums are due, and the oil change light on the dash starts blinking. If you are a new car owner, it can be tempting to put off an oil change, especially if you have never had one done before, but there are consequences for avoiding this car maintenance basic. Before you start hating car ownership, here are some common questions and answers about oil changes that will help you to take better care of your car, and enjoy it for longer.

How often should you change your oil?

The best oil change time frame to follow will come from your car manufacturer, or from your local auto repair shop if you trust their opinion. The rule that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles is a very conservative estimate which is often more frequent than is necessary, and has its origin at a time when motor oil wasn’t quite as efficient as it is today. Of course, the age and condition of your car will also have some bearing on oil change frequency. Older vehicles may require a more frequent oil change in order to run safely.

Is it okay to get cheap oil changes?

Most auto repair services and shops offer oil changes, and for a very affordable price. On average, most car owners pay around $20 for an oil change. For the best oil change for your car, you may need a synthetic oil, or some brand of motor oil that offers higher performance. Requiring a pricier motor oil will result in a pricier oil change, with some users reporting paying up to $70. There is nothing wrong with a cheap oil change if your car can use a motor oil of average quality.

What happens if I don’t get oil change services?

Unfortunately, skipping an oil change entirely is one of the worst things that you can do for your car. After all, the motor oil keeps everything running smoothly under the hood. Old motor oil can sludge up, or cease to provide enough lubrication. Given enough time, your engine will seize up, and your only recourse will be to first, wish that you had gotten an oil change, and then second, find some way to pay for a brand new engine.

Remember, the best oil change for your car need not happen every 3,000 miles, nor does it necessarily require premium synthetic oil. There are only two hard and fast rules when it comes to oil changes.

  1. Your car absolutely needs motor oil to run.
  2. Therefore, if your car gives some indication that something is wrong with the motor oil, you should immediately stop and call for service.

Hopefully, knowing the facts behind oil changes will help you to both understand their importance, and get an oil change at the right frequency, and the right price. More like this article: Auto repair springfield mo

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