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Restoration carpet

Gros point car carpet was first developed in the 1950′s and 60′s. It was created for early muscle cars as well as for passenger cars. It is a high end carpet constructed of 100% nylon, at 54 inches wide, and looks as though it was actually hand embroidered. Quality control is of the utmost importance when constructing gros point car carpet. It is hand cut as well as hand sewn and is not a molded carpet.

When shopping for carpeting for a car of a particular make and year, customers can opt to purchase carpeting that is specific to that vehicle. Protecting gros point car carpet, as well as any carpeting for cars, is important in order to keep it clean and looking new. Floor mats to lay over car carpet are the perfect way to go because they can be easily removed, cleaned, and then replaced. However, no matter how clean owners keep the carpeting and the floor mats inside their cars, because of environmental pollutants and every day dirt, it is even less possible to keep it clean long term than it is to keep carpeting in the home clean for a long time. It is suggested that, if owners still have their cars after ten years, they replace the carpet. Studies say that there is 17,000 times more bacteria in a car than in a home. In addition, it is reported that there are 850 bacteria inside the trunk of the car, where most people routinely place their groceries. Because it is so easy for outside dirt from both the ground and the air to constantly find its way into the car, the level of bacteria will be constantly high.

Cutting down the noise inside a car can sometimes be a big problem. Depending upon where the noise is coming from, there are various solutions. A vehicle that has a good soundproofing system will help. These can be purchased as a kit and installed by the owner, or, they can be professionally installed. Sound deadeners work well in cutting down on inside noise as well as outside noise in the cabin of the car. Obviously, where there is more traffic, there is more noise. In New York City alone there were recorded more than 40,000 complaints about noise in 2012. Exposure to noise can cause several serious health issues as well.

Most Americans estimate that they spend between an hour and an hour and a half in their cars each day, and one of the biggest concerns they have is the infiltration of air pollution into the cabin. As a car is driven down the road, whatever is in the air can make its way in by way of open windows, vents, or small open spaces. Air pollutants can be caused by other vehicles on the road, especially those such as trucks and cars that burn diesel fuel. Although it is impossible to avoid airborne poisons, drivers can limit what gets into the car by not driving directly behind these vehicles. Anything that is in the air can find its way into the car and be breathed in by its occupants. Any industrial pollutants that are traveling through the atmosphere are also potentially hazardous to the driver and passengers. Think a car air freshener will help clean out the air inside the car? An interesting fact about car air fresheners is that, once inside the car and open, they emit a pleasant scent; however, it, too is filled with chemical additives that are just as harmful as outdoor pollutants. Get more on this here. Read more articles like this.

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