Has Your Car’s Paint Been Damaged? Purchase a Touch-Up Kit

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Cadillac touch up paint

While today’s new vehicles continue to be available in a variety of color schemes, it’s interesting to note that white has become the number-one choice. Color marketing specialist, Nancy Lockhart, stated that this has been the case throughout the United States since 2006. Neutral colors, in general, tend to be a popular choice. In addition to white, the auto industry considers black, gray, and silver to be neutral colors as well.

In order to protect a vehicle’s paint, clear coats are applied. These coats tend to be 1.5 to two millimeters thick. While they may not protect a car’s paint integrity 100%, they do help under normal circumstances.
A large percentage of damage occurs when cars have been keyed or scratched. A Direct Line survey recently reported that 52% of the total amount of damage reported was due to cars being keyed or having their paint scratched under other circumstances.

There are, of course, different levels of paint scratches:

    Classification 1A

  • Classification1B
  • Classification 2
  • Classification 3
  • Classification 4

These classifications range from the least to the most severe, with 1A being the former and 4 being the latter. While it does depend on the extent of the damage, the cost to repair a car’s paint will range in price. When a car sustains a deep scratch, the price to repair it could be anywhere from $300.00 to $3,000.00. Given this, some vehicle owners may decide to take care of this themselves with a paint touch-up kit.

Do you need touch-up paint for your vehicle? Unless you’ve painted over the original color, your car’s make and model will determine what colors you need. Since you want to make sure that you have an exact match, it’s important to have the right code before you purchase your vehicle touch up paint.
If you have a GMC, for example, then you'll need to purchase GMC touch up paint. Do you have a second or third vehicle that needs a bit of touching-up? Then in addition to GMC touch up paint, you’ll also want to purchase additional auto touch up paint kits. VM touch up paint, Porsche touch up paint, Mercedes touch up paint kits, and others are available. Just remember to make sure you have the correct color code so that your touch up blends in with the rest of your car’s paint.

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