Have You Cleaned Your Machine Tools Lately? You Could Be Wasting Money

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Lathe repair

Have you considered investing in a machine tool repair service lately? You could see yourself saving hundreds of dollars every year. Industrial machine parts are, quite literally, the cogs that keep our industries working in smooth cohesion all days of the week. As such, the cost of rebuilding tools is one that has risen to the forefront as an expensive concern for many a worker and business-owner alike. Machine tool repair is a fine art dating back many centuries and has become incredibly refined and applicable thanks to modern technology and resources. However, basic repair is more than just occasional cleaning — it’s a series of good habits and attentiveness that will mean the difference between an effective toolbox and a rusty, worn out scrap heap.

History Of Tool Services

Humanity is defined by our need to craft and refine tools for everyday use, with machine tools dating all the way back to 1200 B.C. as we know it. Machine tools, specifically, are used to refine and shape various metals to create products. The lathe was an ancient tool originally created in Ancient Egypt, as well as being one of the first machine tools aside from the bow drill to ever be recorded into existence. The lathe is used to create many different products, including candle sticks, table legs, gun barrels and musical instruments. Entire sub-industries have cropped up to keep these machine tools working efficiently, though they are by no means the only ones available. The earliest known tools have been pushed into mainstream consciousness, such as the bow and arrow, spear, shovel and staff.

Development Of Machine Tools

Technology saw a significant surge in the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly due to the advent of electricity, steam technology and more refined manufacturing plants. The Industrial Revolution saw lathes powered from water wheels and steam engines in lieu of its more time consuming and inaccurate original manufacturing processes. James Watt is one of the men credited for creating the boring mill, due to his need for perfectly and carefully bored cylinders, and helped push water powered technology to the forefront of the country. John Wilkinson developed the boring mill as a water-powered tool for multiple industries.

Basic Maintenance

Keep these tips in mind when using machining services and you’ll save both money and time down the road. Machine tools have a wide variety of functions, including but not limited to boring, turning, facing and threading. They absolutely must stay durable and hard, as a lack of maintenance can make them brittle, rusty and inaccurate for their intended purposes. Lubrication will reduce friction and extend the lifespan of your tools, though remember to clean your cloths to keep them as effective as possible. If you hear your machine tools making strange noises, that could be signs they’re not being properly maintained or are starting to break down.

Machine Tool Repair Services

Machine tool repair services are a necessity for workers in all industries, be they repair or production. Without lathe repair or a routine stop by the machine shop, you could potentially waste hundreds of dollars on buying new tools and even put your products or services at risk for poor performance. The gibs on a lathe, for starters, should be regularly adjusted to to avoid both unnecessary damage and meticulous friction between other components of the machine. The drive belt should be routinely checked to avoid complications or clogs, while rags should be routinely re-oiled to keep them dependable. If you feel you’re unable to properly care for your machine tools, consider contacting a machine tool repair service to help you learn the valuable skills you need to keep your resources dependable and in top shape.

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