How Buying Cars Has Changed

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Car buying and car service has changed a lot in the last few years. The internet and other innovations have brought about significant changes in the way we think about buying cars, from how we research before heading down to the Ford dealer to our views on certified used cars and car lease deals. Before you do head down to a Ford dealer or a start hunting up a Ford service center, read on for all the facts about how we do cars these days.

  • We spend as much time online as we do actually looking at physical cars. The average person buying a vehicles spends almost 60% of their time online doing research into the car they want to buy. Of those who do their car shopping research on the internet, 71% are researching the prices of cars, 64% are comparing models, 63% are trying to find out what their existing car is worth, 68% are looking at listed vehicles for sale, and 46% are getting information about those area Ford dealers.
  • The modern car buyer doesn’t usually have a specific car in mind. This isn’t always true. There is still a lot of loyalty for specific brands at times, especially among Ford dealers since Ford is considered America’s most valuable car brand. Some people still definitely have a specific car in mind when they go to car shop. But a lot of people these days are not sure what they want when they start. Out of every ten people, six of them are willing to think about a lot of different options.
  • We need fewer visits to the showroom to make a decision. This reality is a direct result of having the internet at our fingertips. In the past, people tended to make an average of five trips to their local Ford dealers before they finally bought a car. Today, however, most of us get to the showroom knowing just what we want. It only takes one trip to seal the deal, though a physical visit is still the most common way of making that first contact with a dealer. Half of car buyers, though, now say they would think about doing the entire thing online if it was possible.
  • Customers show up much better informed than they used to be. In the past, car buyers relied more on the dealer to help them know their options, understand the value of their old car, get insight into whether they wanted a Ford Escape lease or which of the Ford trucks was best for them. These days, only 5% of buyers show up uninformed. The web has made it possible for consumers to learn all that before they show up at Ford dealers. What they need help with these days is explanations of the intricate and complex digital and electronic operations of their cars screen devices.

Changes in the way we buy cars and the way we do research means that your local Ford dealers will also inevitably change. Instead of being a place to come and learn about which car they want, a dealership is a place customers come already knowing a lot. The dealers have to specialize in test drives and digital information. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean dealers will disappear: only that they will adapt to the changing ways we use to buy our beloved cars.

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