How Car Shipping Companies Are About to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

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Here are two scenarios. First: you’ve got an exciting new work opportunity or you’re leaving for school clear across the country. You need your car to get around in your new place, but there’s no way you’re driving 15+ hours to get your car there. Second; you’ve just bought a new car online, for an amazing price! Unfortunately, you’re on opposite coasts. How is your brand new vehicle going to get to you? For either one of these situations, there’s an easy fix! You can simply call a dependable car company that specializes in a car moving service. Many car transport companies offer dependable shipping and some even offer online quotes if you want to see upfront how much it might cost you.
What are the Stats on Car Transport Services?
As with many things, the rise of the Internet has made a car shipping services boom. It’s worth around $12 billion dollars annually. In part, it’s thanks to the estimated 15 million cars that are sold every year via the Internet on sites like eBay Motors, Cars.com, CarsDirect.com, and AutoTrader.com, among others. As we buy more vehicles online, car shippers are used to transport the vehicles back to their new homes. Almost 95% of buyers look up cars online before making a purchase and over 30% are open to the idea of buying one over the Internet. Even over five years ago, this was a rising trend — in 2009, USA Today said that almost 75% of cars that were sold on eBay were interstate transactions, meaning that they had to be shipped.
With many competing services rising out of the growing demand, it can be tough for people to decide on what they feel is a dependable car company. One of the best ways to find a dependable car company is word of mouth. Many online sites will also come with online reviews that you can look at before deciding on who to ultimately hire. You’ll want to look for businesses that have longevity — showing that they’ve been around for awhile and are trusted — and ones that are licensed and insured. And while a company may be cheap, it doesn’t always mean they’re the most reliable — or that your vehicle will come in the condition you expected. Sometimes paying a little more for quality isn’t always a bad thing.
What Things Should I Know Before Getting My Car Transported?
You should always know about any hidden costs or caveats that could potentially make your fee higher. For example, most car shipping companies don’t want anything in the car they’re transporting. Some might allow you to have 50 to 100 pounds of extra material in there (something to think about if you’re moving with your car), but make sure they’re not charging you extra for that expense if you’re not willing to pay it. Know also that using an enclosed truck will probably cost you at least 60% more than an open truck. If you’re going a long way and know that the weather is supposed to be unfavorable, the extra price might be worth it, but if you’re not too concerned, that’s probably one way you can save on cost. Additionally, if you ship your car during the winter, you’ll save a little extra than if you ship during the summer, which are considered peak shipping months. Prices may jump $200-$300 extra during the summer! If you’re worried about your vehicle making it there, see if your shipping company offers a tracking feature, so you can follow it every step of the way. Also know how much lead time your shipping company requires to start the transport of your vehicle. If you’re moving tomorrow, you should already have made plans for your vehicle!
You shouldn’t have to worry about the logistics, time, sweat, sleeplessness, and gas money it’s going to cost you to get your car from one place to another. Hire a dependable car company to help you get it easily from Point A to Point B. The money you’ll spend will be worth it in the long run!

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