How Chartered Bus Service Will Change the Way You See Travel

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A mainstay of our modern society is the effort to always find better, more efficient, environmentally-friendly ways of doing things and traveling is no exception. Flying has become a popular way of going about this, but what of the people who love the adventure of road-trips? Thankfully, the answer to this comes in the form of coach bus rentals.

Modern Values Found in a Classic Choice

The ease of bus travel is one that has been enjoyed long before our modern era. Buses were drawn by horses as early as the 1820′s, followed by steam-powered intercity English buses in the 1830′s, proving that mass-transit is a tried and true method of travel. Charter bus trips have only increased in the US by 7.5% from 2011 to 2012, causing it to be fastest growing form of travel for the country. Bus charters also now account for a whopping annual 751,000,000 passenger trips. Clearly there is something to be said for coach bus rentals keeping mass transit on the ground, but where do those benefits come in as opposed to flying?

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

A charter bus is proven to have the more fuel-efficient mileage with 206 passenger miles per gallon of gas compared to 44 for domestic air carrier, 92 for commuter rail and only 27 for single-passenger cars. In terms of mass transit, chartered buses hold the efficient lead in reducing CO2 3 times over commuter rail and 6 times more than mass transit buses. The benefits of bus travel can be measured in how undeniably healthy it is for our environment, a growing concern in the modern era.

A Community Support System

When we travel by air, we miss valuable opportunities to interact with the small businesses and tourism communities along the road. Charter bus transportation goes a long way to supporting the national economy as a one-night’s coach bus stay can generate up to $11,660 in tourism spending. That’s not to mention how far just $1 spent in coach bus rentals can go to supporting the US economy, making a total of $1.2 billion spent annually in tour and travel. With the coach bus industry made up of 3,400 small businesses, it’s clear that coach bus rentals are the most responsible choice in regards to supporting national and local economies.

The benefits of bus travel may be difficult to initially see with the popularity of air travel’s swift timeframe. However, it is important to consider the responsible choice in regards to the environment and our economy which can be found in coach bus rentals.

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