How Does Spray On Bedliner Make Your Pick Up Truck Even Tougher?

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Spray on bedliner

Pick up trucks are the among most popular choice among utility vehicles and have been top sellers since the 1980s. They are valued by construction professionals and others for their toughness and versatility. Spray on truck liners make the truck beds even stronger and more secure for carrying expensive materials and tools. Spray on bedliners come in two different varieties, offering various options for protection and grip.

Pick up trucks are an American favorite
Since 1982, the best selling vehicle in the U.S. has been the Ford F-150. There’s a reason for this choice. Pick up trucks are popular as utility vehicles for their versatility and ruggedness. They are used by construction professionals and others to carry heavy loads securely, making them a popular choice.
In the year 2012 alone, the number of pick up trucks sold in the U.S. was 1.6 million. And in 2013, one out of every eight vehicles sold across the country was a pick up truck. The leading manufacturers of pick up trucks, producing about 90% of the total between them, are
Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.
Sales of pick up trucks have been growing and recorded an 8% increase in August 2015. California alone accounts for 25% of the pick up trucks in the country.

What are spray on truck liners?
Pick up trucks are made tough and spray on bedliner makes them tougher. Spray bedliner is used to protect the truck bed from scratching, rust, and chemical contamination as the standard OEM paint deteriorates. It also creates an anti-skid surface that holds materials and tools securely in the truck bed.
Spray bedliner is made from polyurethane, which is applied with spray guns for bedliner in a coating that is 1/16 inch to 4 inches thick. The thickness varies according to the purposes for which the truck will be used, but it will chip and crack if applied too thin. If applied too thickly, it can distort the shape and size of the truck bed.

How are spray on truck liners applied?
Spray on tuck liners come in two types. Both provide protection for the truck bed and an anti-skid surface but differ in degree. Spray on truck liner is applied using a hand-held bedliner spray gun. The processing equipment mixes the two components of the spray, diisocyanate and the polyol, as needed by the application, and feeds it to the hand-held spray bedliner gun.
Wire trim and wrap cut tape are used to trim and shape the coating. The resulting finish is both protective and skid-resistant, adding years to the life of the truck.

Pick up trucks are the backbone of the constructions industry and many others. Spray on truck liners make them tougher, add protection and give them a longer working life.

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