How Long Has It Been Since Your Car’s Last Oil Change?

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It was not one of your very best moments.
As you pulled up for your scheduled oil change 20 minutes late, you realized that you had no idea where the keys to the car were. After only having this car with a keyless start for three months, you have still not gotten used to the whole process. You were already stressed because you had not anticipated all of the Monday morning traffic, and now as you explained to the car maintenance manager that you could not find the keys, your anxiousness escalated. Although she was calm and had clearly seen the same problem before, you still felt foolish. After a few minutes, she asked if she could look at your back seat. As soon as you agreed, she looked and reported that she did not see any keys, but that there was a backpack. At that moment, you remembered that you had tucked the keys away in one of the velcro pockets of the backpack that contained your camera.
Mystery solved. Embarrassment, however, remained.
A few minutes later when the same manager was checking your new car in on the computer, she asked if you knew that the manufacturer and the dealership both recommended an oil change at 3500 miles, not 5000. She was not calling you out, she insisted. She simply wanted you to know that this was the latest recommendation. Embarrassed again, you tried to explain that you had actually just returned from a long road trip that had put you over the recommended milage and that you had waited to get home to the purchasing dealership so you could take advantage of the first oil change being free.
In hindsight, you realize it would have been worth skipping the free oil change and paying for it yourself, rather than start your morning like this.
From Antifreeze Checks to Regular Oil Changes, Routine Car Maintenance Is Very Important
Even when the newest models of cars come with advanced features like auto backup cameras and keyless ignitions, regular maintenance is still required. From antifreeze to transmission oil, in fact, the routine maintenance that you have done on your car often determines how long that car will run smoothly. Taking the time to have tires rotated and all season wiper blades installed keep both driver and passengers safe. In fact, the list of car maintenance items is fairly long and detailed. And while some people are able to take care of all of this routine maintenance themselves, an increasing number of individuals are having someone else perform these services.
If you are the kind of car owner who wants to have a service department take care of everything from antifreeze checks to replacement wiper blades, you know that you have many choices. Finding a location that is convenient, reliable, and affordable is a priority. Many people rely on local reviews and recommendations from friends and family when they are looking for an automobile service center. No matter how you make your decision, however, it is important to see that they follow the detailed maintenance plans that most manufacturers suggest:

  • 16% of vehicles have inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels, according to a recent car maintenance survey.
  • 18% of vehicles had low or contaminated brake fluid according to a recent car maintenance survey.
  • 16% of cars needed new windshield wipers, according to a recent Car Care Council survey.
  • 10. 8 years is the average age of a car on today’s U.S. roads.
  • 80% of surveyed drivers indicate that backup cameras improve their safety.
  • Engine oil should be checked every 3,000 miles or three months.

Today’s vehicles come with a pretty hefty price tag, so it is important to make sure that you follow the best advice on routine maintenance in order to protect the money that you have already spent. From antifreeze levels to new windshield wipers, are you doing everything you can to make sure that your car is safe and well cared for?
Do not get yourself into a situation where you are embarrassed to take your vehicle in for its next maintenance appointment. It is important to follow all recommended deadlines if you want to be able to drive your car or truck for many years.

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