How Motor Oil Can Keep You and Your Engine Safe

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If you want to take good care of your car, you know that making sure the engine works properly not only ensures that your car will last you for years, but will also keep you and your family safe. And whether you’re starting to learn about proper auto care or think of yourself as an expert, there is one easy step that can help your car: knowing when and where to get oil changes, or how to change your oil yourself.

The best motor oil can help your car in many ways, because motor oil is designed to perform many functions: it helps your engine start easily, lubricates engine parts, reduces friction, protects against rust and corrosion, keeps engine parts cleans, minimizes combustion chamber deposits, cools engine parts, and more. By using recommended motor oil, your car will run better, last longer, and keep you and your family safer.

You can find motor oil at a variety of locations: if you don’t have the time to change your own, you can visit a variety of oil change locations approved to meet American Petroleum Institute standards. However, if you would prefer to change your oil yourself, you can visit a number of certified motor oil suppliers and motor oil distributors, or even buy motor oil online!

However, you may wonder what to with your used motor oil once you have changed your oil. It’s a fair question: U.S. drivers alone produce around 1.3 billion gallons of used motor oil every year, and 3.7 billion gallons of used motor oil were produced in 2009 worldwide. Even worse, when this used motor oil is dumped improperly, it can collect in bodies of water and form a scum on the water’s surface; this scum prevents sunlight and oxygen from entering the water, killing fish, frogs, plants, and other life, effectively destroying an ecosystem. If this happens, it doesn’t matter if you made sure to buy motor oil online that was right for your vehicle; it is literally harming your community.

The solution is to recycle and reuse this used motor oil: according to the EPA, 2 gallons of properly recycled used oil is enough to run the electricity of an average home for a full 24 hours. If this interests you, do some research: are there any local companies in your area that recycle engine oil? Are there any other options to recycle your used oil safely and effectively?

Regardless of where you purchase your oil, whether you buy motor oil online or get it through one of the many certified oil change places, it is important to remember three things: change your oil often and on time, use a certified source who will use the correct oil for your vehicle, and recycle your used oil when it is time to change it. These steps will not only make you a safe and responsible vehicle owner, but also a responsible member of your community.

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