How Skipping the Airfare is Better For You Wallet and the Environment

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Inside of a charter bus

If you are planning to take a trip this summer you might want to consider the more than 751,000,000 passengers per year who travel by motor coaches. Since the first horse drawn buses being used as early as the 1820s, coach travel has become an American classic. In fact, according to a study by the American Bus Association, bus travel increased by 7.5% from 2011 to 2012, making it the fastest growing form of travel in the country. Coach bus travel is not only affordable it also has benefits for local economies as well as the environment.

Coach Bus Rentals are Good for the Environment

Currently coach buses account for 751,000,000 passenger trips taken annually. Coach bus transportation is a greener way to travel because it is 3 times more efficient at reducing CO2 outputs when compared to commuter rails. Charter buses also have superior passenger miles per gallon when compared with other modes of travel. Charter bus trips can provide over 206 passenger miles per gallon compared to the 44 passenger MPG for domestic air travel, and 27 MPG for passenger cars.

Coach Bus Rentals can Help Local Economies

Currently the motorcoach industry is made up of about 3,400 small businesses. The industry fleet consists of about 33,400 vehicles which provide different functions such as, charters, tours, sightseeing, airport shuttles, commuter, and scheduled services. Charter bus tours can bring in tourism dollars into every community. A single motor coach tour group spending one night at a destination can produce up to $11,660 for the local economy in lodging, meals and other expenditures. Every $1 invested in new motor coaches can generate an additional $1.65 of spending throughout many other sectors of the economy, this adds up to more than $1.2 billion spent on travels and tours each year.

This summer instead of stressing about the cost and the hassle of packing up the car, or catching the plane, relax in the comfort of a motor coach and see America on the road.

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