How to Build Your Own AC Cobra Kit Car Without Any Regrets

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Cobra replica for sale

Buying a Shelby Cobra kit car is an awesome way to get yourself behind the wheel of an authentic replication of a classic 1960s-era Shelby race car, for the price of buying a standard hatchback. On top of saving a carload of dollars, building your own car with a replica car kit gives you unlimited variables for upgrades and specs so that you end up with exactly what you’d want in a dream car, which you’d never find on a car lot. Not to mention the giant sense of pride you experience when you look at the beautiful muscle car that is a product of your own hands.

While researching Shelby Cobra kit cars to invest in, it’s important to bear in mind though, that not all car kits are created equally. Here are some important factors to consider before signing the dotted line on a Shelby Cobra kit car:

  • The price will be forgotten; the quality will be remembered. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” If you find a kit that is particularly cheaper than others, there is probably a reason. Read consumer reviews before shelling out the cash for a car kit.

    Also, when collecting necessary tools to complete the work, paying a little extra for better quality tools will save you money in the end, as you won’t have to make repairs to parts that weren’t installed sufficiently.
  • Investigate what the kit includes. Some kits are all-inclusive, and just need the fluids to get it on the road. Some kits leave you sourcing your own specialty parts. Some parts might be expensive and difficult to track down, leaving your dreams in the form of a half-finished car, collecting dust in your garage. Before you commit to a kit, do a thorough check of what’s included and what you will need to supply yourself.
  • Cut yourself some slack on the timeline. Building your own dream car is an experience you’ll always hold dear. Don’t take away from it by giving yourself tight timelines that make you stress and rush through the work. Hold off on booking a track day until you’re through the whole registration process, to save yourself the frustration of missed deadlines.
  • Give yourself a space you enjoy working in. In keeping with the “enjoy the journey” line of reasoning, you aren’t going to enjoy your labor of love if you are stuck in a dark, dingy, and musty garage. If your working conditions are unpleasant, you’ll find yourself cutting corners and rushing through the work to get out of there.

    You might not have access to a professional garage, but you can fix up your working space by laying inexpensive foam tiles that make the work area more comfortable, and industrial lights so you can see your work properly. It’s not a bad idea splurge on WiFi if it isn’t already available; the internet will be your best friend through the car building process.

Have you ever built your own Shelby Cobra kit car? Did you learn any lessons in the process that we didn’t mention? Please share your experience with other readers in the comment section below!

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