Preventative Tire Maintenance is Key to Vehicle Safety

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While some vehicle owners may want to put off purchasing new tires due to the expense, it is vital to the overall safety of the vehicle while on the road. According to safety tests, a vehicle with worn out tires can start hydroplaning at only 47 miles per hour. Compare this to newer tires that can travel at 60 miles an hour in the same conditions without hydroplaning.

In addition to ensuring they aren’t too worn, there are general maintenance items you can do regularly to make sure they wear evenly and remain as safe as possible. For example, a tire rotation is recommended every 7,500 miles. Rotation ensures that they are wearing evenly, which will extend the overall life of your tires. Uneven wear can create a dangerous situation for drivers by weakening the overall strength.

It is also highly recommended to get an alignment every 6,000 miles. An alignment will make sure the tires are set, so that they go preciously in the direction they are being directed. Faulty alignment is dangerous, it can impact steering, and it can cause uneven wear.

Another problem area is inflation. Studies show that under inflated tires cause unneeded stress, irregular wear, and the potential for loss of control. Checking the pressure with a gauge is essential. This is not something you can judge simply by looking. A tire can lose up to 50% of its air pressure before appearing to be flat. In addition to safety, under inflation is bad for gas mileage, which is a waste of money.

Even good tires can struggle during the winter months if you live in an area that gets snow, ice, and slush. In that situation, it is highly recommended to have snow tires put on your vehicle because they are designed to better handle winter road conditions. However, if you decide to go with snow tires, it is essential to get all four snow tires regardless of whether your vehicle has front or rear wheel drive. They work together to maintain stability and keep you on the road.

There are a number of insurance companies that offer discounts for drivers with snow tires, so if you do make the investment, contact your insurance company to see if there are any available discounts.

Finally, when it is time to buy new tires, look at all your options. Many tire companies offer discounts or rebates, particularly when you buy all four at once. There are also a number of places that sell used tires that are still in good condition. When buying used, it is important to have them inspected inside and out to ensure it is safe and ready to be used. You don?t want to buy any showing signs of dry rot or tread loss.

Preventative maintenance may feel like just spending money sometimes. However, in the long run, drivers can save thousands of dollars by simply maintaining a preventative maintenance schedule, taking care of key items, and following expert recommendations. Even doing the preventative maintenance yourself, opposed to going to a mechanic is better than ignoring it all together.

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