Proper Tire Maintenance Is Key to Extending the Life of Your Investment

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Perfect tires for your vehicle

The Dad: ?You are going to need to get out your spare tire.?
The Daughter: ?How can I do that? My car is full of everything from my dorm room that I am bringing home.?
The Dad: ?Well, you are going to have to take everything out so that you can get to your spare tire.?
The Daughter: ?That?s insane. It is raining outside!?
The Dad: ?Well, you are going to have to get the things in and out of the car as quickly as possible then.?
The car trips home from college can be long. You have said good-bye to your roommates and new friends. You fear that you are going to have to say good-bye to the freedom that you enjoyed more than any of the classes that you completed. Add a problem like a flat tire to the move home and you have the set up for some real chaos.
Are You Looking for a Store with a Wide Variety of New Car and Truck Tires?
Finding out that you need new tires before you can finish that trip home from college or before you can start that family vacation can be stressful. Making the decision to research the best choices and prices, however, can remove the stress and point you in the right direction.
While a tire and auto repair company can sometimes prevent you from buying new tires, this is not always the case. In fact, when you need new tires a wholesale tire store, not a repair store, is most often the place to start. When you need new tires you want to be able to compare prices, warranties, and tread options.
After doing a thorough job of researching these new car tires online, you may decide to visit an independent car tire dealer. In fact, independent tire dealers represent nearly 61% of the market share of consumer tire retail choices. Once you have decided on a purchase, it is important to follow the manufacturer?s directions for care. For instance, a tire rotation should generally be done every 7,500 miles, or as often as the specific manufacturer recommends. Experts also recommend checking tire alignment at least every 6,000 miles, or when ever the oil is changed.
Although the average American drives his or her vehicle just over 10,000 miles a year, some owners drive much more than that. And while tires are a major investment, it is important that when you need new tires you replace them. Worn tires are unsafe and tires that are not properly rotated can cause damage to wheels and other parts of a car.
Tire Maintenance and Car Repair Are Important Parts of Being a Car Owner
Whether you are getting ready to move yourself home from college or you are checking out the family car before you leave for family vacation, tire maintenance is an important part of the preparation process.
Tire Sales Are an Important Part of the American Car Industry
The large selection of tires that are available in today’s market contribute to the more than $32 billion of annual tire sales in America. When they are not replaced when needed, they can contribute to the following less encouraging statistics:

  • 414 fatalities were caused every year by flat tires or blowouts before the tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were installed in vehicles.
  • 10,275 non-fatal injuries were caused every year by flat tires or blowouts before the TPMS were installed in vehicles.
  • 78,392 crashes were caused every year by flat tires or blowouts before the TPMS were installed in vehicles.

These numbers, provided by a 2003 NHTSA report, indicate that continued improvements in car monitoring systems can save lives. It is important, however, that drivers pay attention to and address warning lights and signals. And while new vehicles have advanced warning systems, many vehicle owners still like to rely on self checks as well. For instance, many drivers use the penny test to check tire wear. They take a penny and, with Lincoln?s head upside down, put it between the tire tread blocks. If Lincoln?s head is ?buried? and cannot be seen between the tread blocks, the tire still has more than 2/32 of an inch of tread remaining and is still safe.

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