Properly Maintained and Serviced Sumner Lifts Ease Work Load

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Lift repair

Are you searching for a qualified team of machine service technicians and tradesmen? Do you need craftsmen with the skills and experience to service and repair virtually any metal working machinery? Is your company or manufacturing plant looking to contract out the production of items like shears and press brakes, as well as hand brakes and roll forming equipment? A qualified, full service machine shop should be able to provide you with:

  • Boring
  • Cylinder Fabrication
  • Gear Blanking
  • Gear Box Overhauls
  • Milling (CnC and conventional)
  • Shaft Repair
  • Surface Grinding
  • Sumner lifts repairs and service
  • Threading
  • Turning

A full service in house machining services environment should be able to support hydraulic repair service, as well as provide machine tool repair and sheet metal machinery repair technicians. A machine tool is used for shaping and machining metal, and a variety of other rigid materials. While this field is constantly making advancements and improvements, many machining techniques date back thousands of years. In fact, the first machine tools ever made were made by hand and date as far as 1200 B.C. Those first machine tools were the bow lathe and the bow drill. Although now mass produced by machines themselves, the bow lathe and bow drill are still used today.
While many machining tools and techniques have been used for hundreds of years, a modern machine shop is also able to service and repair the latest moving part systems as well. In the case of sumer lifts and hoists, a full service machine shop should be able to service, repair and replace:

  • roller wheels located behind the wench so they ease the loading and unloading from vehicles
  • brackets for the idler pulley which helps distribute the cable evenly on the winch drum
  • spring loaded hold down bar which is stored directly behind the mast
  • positive plunger pins that stabilize the reversible forks
  • stabilizer legs and hinges which must be able to lower quickly and then lock into place
  • pulley guard to ensure that the load cable cannot come off
  • inside mast cable feed guard

A machine shop with on site precision machine repairs is crucial to your business. If you have sumner lifts that allow one person to easily lift 650 pounds, but that lift is in need of repair or service, it does you no good and costs you money. Since the cost of rebuilding tools is often too expensive for smaller businesses, you need to rely on a reliable full service machine shop to help with the repair and service of projects both big and small, from repairs for sumner lifts to a recast of a single hard to find threaded bolt. You need a machining environment that provides quality machined and/or repaired parts on time.

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