Rolling in Style With Your Genuine Mercedes

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Since the early 1900s when the Mercedes Benz first appeared it has been a reputable and desirable vehicle. Today a genuine Mercedes is one of the most popular car names around, especially in the world of show cars, where people take an entire day or even an entire weekend to show off their Benz cars. Enthusiasts also have formed several groups to discuss the upkeep on their genuine Mercedes vehicles and discuss vintage Mercedes parts, Mercedes Benz performance parts and the latest Mercedes prices.

Showing Off

Car shows have drawn large crowds ever since they started popping up. There are thousands of car shows nationwide each year. Most shows feature all sorts of exhibits for all types of vehicles. Typically car shows allow old and new motor vehicles as well as motorcycles. Mercedes has become so huge that there are hundreds of car shows dedicated solely to genuine Mercedes vehicles. These shows also often include hookups with a Mercedes Benz aftermarket.

Vehicle Upkeep

Staying on top of the upkeep of your genuine Mercedes is of vital importance. Whether you are rocking a newer version or are rolling in style with a vintage Mercedes it is crucial to maintain a regular servicing.

  • Tires– You should be sure to inspect your tires on a regular basis for wear and damage. Even if they appear to be in good condition, the tires should be rotated and balanced every six months.

  • Washing– As you drive you pick up dirt from outside as well as chemicals from the road. These elements can oxidize and damage your paint. To prevent this you should wash and wax your Mercedes regularly.

  • Oil– When using traditional oil in your car you should maintain regular oil changes for every 5,000 miles. If you’ve decided to use synthetic oil in the vehicle then you can change it every 7,500, or every 6 months instead.

  • Fluids– Your manual will tell you which specific fluids should be used in your genuine mercedes. Checking your fluids on a regular basis is also very important. You should be sure to check your coolant, oil and weather fluid each week and your power steering, brake and transmission fluid each month.

  • Part Replacement-- When you need new Mercedes Benz parts there are a few good tips to remember. First, keep in mind that ordering a Mercedes Benz part online can be significantly cheaper than ordering it retail or at Mercedes dealerships. Some parts are also unique to specific transmission and engine combinations so you should always refer to the barcode numbers on your specific part so you know you’re purchasing the correct item.

  • Mercedes Benz is growing in popularity and customer satisfaction each year. If you’ve been a Mercedes lover for a long time or if you’re just now becoming interested there are hundreds of options for you to become a part of the Mercedes world. Look for local groups and shows in your area to join the Mercedes Benz revolution.

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