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A vast majority of all radio shows that deal with cars are call in shows. This allows the hosts to interact with the listeners frequently. Throughout the history of talk radio, the shows that have been the most successful are those that form some kind of connection with their audience. Aside from providing endless hours of quality programming, the NPR Car Talk program and many others make it possible for people to do some real good, including the chance to take part in an NPR car donation.

NPR has been home to some very high profile radio shows. The network picked up Car Talk radio in 1987, which is still available to listen to on NPR streaming radio. Like many other old car shows, the programming that NPR carried found causes to get behind. While not everyone may tune in for an NPR car donation, they can easily see just how widespread this idea has become.

On October 2, PRWEB.com announced the Goodwill Vehicle Drive in the city of Chicago. Like many other car donation drives, the funds raised from the drive will be used to a number of charitable causes, including employment and job training programs. Any type of car, truck or SUV can be donated.

The NPR car donation program that was promoted throughout the years on various programs may not have been the first of its kind, but it was used to reach a wide number of people. In addition to helping their fellow citizens, shows like Car Talk provided something that many people with all of the witty anecdotes, jokes, stories and maintenance tips that anyone could ever need. While not everyone is born a car fanatic, there is no doubt that shows like Car Talk brought a lot of people into the fold with their particular brand of timeless programming.

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