Should You Buy a New or Certified Pre Owned Car?

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Buying a car is big decision for most people. You?re looking for a combination of great value, reliability and safety. The good news is that you can find all of these in a certified pre owned car or CPO, which has undergone stringent multipoint testing. CPOs also come with extended manufacturers warranties, and bonus programs like roadside assistance.

CPOs offer great value
Most CPOs are typically three to five years old and offer great value for your money. You can get a practically new car from the manufacturer of your choice, with extended warranties. They are around 25% cheaper than a new vehicle, but have all the advantages of a nearly new car.
The popularity of used cars and trucks can be seen in the fact that three out of four transactions involving automobiles are for used vehicles. In fact, on average, an automobile in the U.S. will have three or more owners throughout its history.

Multipoint testing and warranties
All used vehicles are not created equal. CPOs come with manufacturers warranties. This means that they have undergone stringent multipoint testing, carried out by factory-trained mechanics. The certified checklist can cover 150 points. Audi checks cover 300 points. This means that CPOs meet the criteria for safety and reliability.
Nearly all auto makers have CPO programs, with extended warranties. Manufacturers also offer roadside assistance, and a free vehicle history report. CPOs can be leased or bought, making financial decisions easier. Some manufacturers like Toyota also offer in-house financing.

New v. Used
When making the choice between buying a new or used vehicle, people should be aware that the higher sticker price for a new vehicle is due to its new-ness, and that depreciation begins the moment you drive off the dealers lot. Nearly new and certified pre owned vehicles offer all the advantages of a new vehicle without the higher price tag.
Most dealers list their inventory of CPOs on their websites, with all relevant information like mileage, vehicle history, etc. This makes it easier to narrow down your search by make, model and year. Once you?ve identified the vehicles you?re interested in, it?s time for the fun part, or the test drive. That?s still the best way to find out if a vehicle is right for your.

Certified pre owned vehicles have all the advantages of a practically new car without the high sticker price. They have been tested according to stringent standards developed by the manufacturers, and come with extended warranties. This makes buying a CPO vehicle one of the best decisions you?ll ever make.

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