Some Cobras Hiss, Others Hum

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Cobra kit car for sale

For most people, the first image that pops into their head when they hear “cobra” is an 18 foot long venomous snake with a wide, threatening neck. But Cobra also refers to a unique sports car that first hit the American and British markets in 1962. The Cobra, also known as the Shelby Cobra (derived from its designer, Carroll Shelby), was developed by AC Cars, a British automobile manufacturer founded in 1901. Today, car enthusiasts still replicate, repair, customize, and race AC Cobras and similar cars of that era.

What Makes the Cobra Appealing?

Part of the AC Cobra’s appeal is certainly its look. Its round yet sleek design makes it stand out among the more angular roadsters. One could even call the AC Cobra curvy. But beyond its visual appeal is its sound. Shelby Cobras are known for their distinct hum and purr from the V8 engine. For flashy drivers, the Cobra’s cadence is a big plus. Lastly, Cobras are light, especially when compared to other racing cars and roadsters. For instance, some Cobras can weigh as little as 2,360 pounds, whereas other roadsters can weigh in at 3,400 pounds. That’s a difference of a thousand pounds!

Building Your Own Custom Roadster

It may not be the cheapest hobby, but purchasing or creating replica car kits in order to build cars that authentically replicate their original counterparts has become a worthwhile pastime for many. For interested buyers, there are several websites dedicated to the sale of authentic replication kits and upgrade parts. In addition, popular bidding sites like eBay offer extensive lists of these parts and kits ranging from relatively low to high prices (which fluctuate often, of course).

Upgrade Parts for AC Cobras

Although the original Cobra was designed and manufactured in the 1960s, upgrade parts are also available. Just as there are sites and businesses dedicated to selling replica kits for AC Cobras and other vintage roadsters, there are also places that specialize in helping you upgrade and customize your roadster. While adding things like an upgraded engine, axles, seats, etc. reduces some of the authenticity of a Cobra replica, these changes can make your car more safe, fun, and efficient to drive.

Whether you’re a driver, a collector, or merely a distant admirer, learning about authentic car replication and customization is always interesting. And the next time you see a Cobra, it might be something a lot nicer than a snake!

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