Spring For a Hose Clamp When Plumbing Problems Emerge

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An emergency can take all different forms but each shares a common sense of chaos and immediacy. A heart attack, building fire or busted pipe are great examples of emergencies with their their own set of issues attached. When pipes are damage and water or gas spews out, a homeowner is left left as if his or biggest asset is very vulnerable. The good news is that there are a ton of different materials and styles of hose clamps to choose: spring hose clamps, fuel hose clamps, silicone hose clamps. The options are limitless.

The worst thing to do to a hose that is stuck is to slit it. Where hose meets barb, there should be no nicks, cuts or contamination. However, if you use a large slit to remove a stuck house, you could compromise it’s relationship with the corresponding barb. While hose clamps may seem as simple as removing and dislodging, they are actually assembled a particular way. A hose clamp ensures that pressure is equal on all sides of a hose and so a hose clamp removal tool is great for moving it without damaging any of the ancillary parts.

However, if your next plumbing emergency is not something you’d want to take on, you’ll have to learn to triage and build a relationship with a plumber who will come t your aid. The good thing about plumbers is that they come prepared with all of the necessary tools, hose clamp removal tool and all. The extent of your triage might just be placing a bucket beneath the pipe, depending on the extent of the damage. A prepared home or business owner is the best defense against pesky plumbing problems.

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