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Buy a golf cart

While owning or using a golf cart when golfing is not imperative to the game, it certainly makes it much easier and far more enjoyable to focus on the actual playing instead of the hauling and walking around the course. If you are looking to buy a golf cart you may be wondering, if the midst of all the variety, which one you should buy. Let?s simplify it a little for you. Golf carts fall in to two main categories: gasoline and electric.

Gasoline golf carts run very similarly to cars. They have a small engine that is powered by gasoline. These types of carts start when you step on the gas pedal and then power down when you take your foot off the gas pedal. The benefits here are that it saves gas, lowers emissions and since the cart automatically shuts off, you do not have to worry about someone leaving their cart running with the noise of the engine breaking your concentration.

Electric golf carts actually use batteries and are recharged by being plugged into a wall just like your phone. The motor is electric and while some carts have the plug I mentioned, some newer models actually have solar panels to charge the batteries.

Golf carts are generally pretty plan looking and functionality- only what is needed and that?s it. They?re usually two seaters, unless you are looking into a deluxe golf cart.

Deluxe golf carts can be made to carry more people and cargo. A gasoline cart can be made into a deluxe golf cart by installing a more powerful motor, better suspensions and even four wheel drive for easier use. If you are really looking to upgrade your ride you can get one made to look like a Porsche or Hummer.

The most inexpensive way to buy a gold cart, no matter what kind, is to be a pre owned golf cart. Golf carts dealers are a good way to go for reliability but going that direction, you would generally have to buy a brand new cart which can run the cost pretty high.

Now that you know which golf cart will best suit your needs, it is time to start thinking about golf cart accessories. You can buy refurbished carts that have some accessories already or you can get a plain one and do it up yourself.

Basic accessories would be things like drink holders which unfortunately do not come already fitted into a cart. If you are in a climate where temperatures can get fairly high you may want to add a fan or air conditioning systems to your carts to cool down in between holes. The opposite is true in colder area; heaters would be a good idea. Also, you can put sides on your cart called rain curtains which would help the temperature inside the cabin and also keep out rain.

For an electric cart with no solar panels, bringing along a portable charger is a good idea if you will not be close to an outlet. The worst thing would be for the cart to die in the middle of the course! Brush guards can be handy to keep your cart in good shape, without dents and scratches.

This idea is really just dependent on your taste but you can install a radio, as long as you keep the volume fairly low while on the greens.

So as you can see, there really are only a few different carts to choose from but it is the accessories that give you the options that will customized your golf cart!

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