Subaru of America Creating Safe and Eco-Friendly Cars Since 1968

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Looking for a new car can be a hassle. Buying a car is a hefty investment and is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. There are a ton of car brands out there. Which one should you choose? Well, if you want a reliable, long-lasting car with an eco-friendly design, high gas mileage, and superior service, consider getting a Subaru in one of the many Subaru dealerships located throughout the country.

Getting a Subaru for you and your family comes with its advantages. Did you know, for example, that Subaru offers turbocharged engines in passenger vehicles? Sales personnel in Subaru dealerships can tell you more, of course, but turbocharged engines allows the engine to increase power output and save fuel. With today’s gas prices fluid at best, choosing a car with gas-efficient features is an important consideration for many consumers. In addition, all Subarus come equipped with all-wheel drive, which improves car handling, car safety, and makes for a smoother ride.

Subarus have many other superb structural features but perhaps the most impressive features are those that benefit the car after its usefulness. In other words, Subaru looks toward the future, which is why it uses recyclable materials for 97.3% of its vehicles. Its recyclable ratio is so good, in fact, that Subaru’s first American plant in Lafayette, Indiana achieved zero landfill status. Subaru’s dedication to recycling and eco-friendly designs has earned the admiration and respect of consumers around the world.

For these reasons and so much more, getting a used or new Subaru is a wise investment. Not only will it save you money overall in gas and repairs, buying a Subaru at one of the many Subaru dealerships across the country will help the environment. Whether you’re simply looking for a car to get from Point A to Point B or for something to trek across a mountainous terrain, Subaru cars have a stellar reputation to offer.

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