Subaru or Chevy? Used Car Dealerships Have Both

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Is it time for a new car? Have you always wanted to own a Subaru or a Chevy? You can find these and many other cars at your neighborhood used car dealerships. You can browse the extensive subaru used inventory online and then call to set up a test drive.

So which one will you pick? The American classic or the Japanese marvel beloved by environmentalists? Here’s some information about both.

Subarus are practical and fun

Japanese cars are known for their reliability and fuel efficiency. Subaru carries on this tradition with cars that are practical and fun to drive. Car dealers love Subarus because they sell themselves. The problem usually is maintaining inventory.

There’s another reason why Subaru, like other Japanese cars, are loved by environmentally-conscious people. Subarus use highly recyclable materials throughout and their end-of-life vehicles have a 97.3% recycling ratio rate. In fact the first auto assembly plant to attain zero landfill status was the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

And Subarus age well. They are some of the most in-demand cars for sale, new or used. And now used car dealerships offer all kinds of information about pre owned cars so you can go ahead and make your purchase with an easy mind.

Chevrolets are a worldwide favorite

Chevys are an American favorite, worldwide. In fact a Chevy is sold every 6.5 seconds somewhere in the world. In 2011, that amounted to more than 4.76 million cars and trucks worldwide. There are Chevrolets on the road almost everywhere – in 2/3rds of the world. Since they began production in 1912, more than 200 million Chevrolet cars and trucks and trucks have been produced.

Talk to your local chevy dealerships for more information about which model is best for you.

The choice is yours. So go ahead and enjoy yourself: browse online, pick your model and call you used car dealership for a test drive.
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