Tent, Campground Or RV The Most Popular Form Of Camping In America

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What’s your next great summer vacation going to be? It can take a family weeks, even months, to plan a fun vacation and even a minor lapse in research can spell disastrous results for everyone involved. If you’re not sure whether or not to invest in a folding camper trailer or visit an RV superstore, never fear. Americans are nothing if not dedicated when it comes to spending valuable time in the great outdoors and your resources have never been more varied.

What Are Fun Camping Activities?

Worried everyone could get bored over the weekend? There are more than enough fun activities to go around. Depending on where you decide to put your tent or establish your RV you can have swimming, hiking, bird-watching, bird-calling, hunting, fishing and boating at your leisure. Camper accessories are useful for allowing you to bring more equipment and tools to your trip, ensuring nobody is left empty-handed when they’re ready to have fun or relax! Each camping participant, whether they’re staying in a tent or cabin, spent an average of two weeks camping per year.

What Are Common Camping Methods?

Not sure how you want to go about camping? You might want to visit an RV superstore and look into their current specials. While camping by tent or campground is pretty popular, particularly for nature lovers, RVs are one of the most economical and effective ways of having fun. A recent survey found that a family of four traveling by RV on vacation can save anywhere from 25% to 60% on their overall vacation cost.

What Are Necessities I Should Bring?

It never hurts to be careful. Sunscreen and bug spray are a must to keep your skin from turning into an irritated rash overnight, particularly for those prone to hives or allergies. Speaking of allergies, summer can be a more favorable season over spring due to less wind and pollen in the air. When it comes to safety, flares and flashlights will help immensely if anyone becomes lost while hiking or swimming. Last, but not least, keep a first aid kit on hand in case anyone gets scratches, cuts or contact with poisonous plants.

What About RV Accessories?

Visiting an RV superstore can help you out with any add-ons you need on your trip. There are over 12,000 RV-related businesses in the United States with combined yearly revenues of over $38 billion — the industry employs over a quarter million Americans on average in promotion, marketing, repair, consultation and construction. The RVIA estimates nationwide there are nearly 30 million RV enthusiasts, including both RV renters and RV owners. A Jayco Eagle premier camper or towing a fifth wheel trailer is useful if you’ve got extra furniture or equipment that needs carrying.

Where Should I Get Started?

Camping is all about preparation. After all, once you get to your destination you’re going to want to kick up your feet or hit the ground running with your friends and family. Your average RV superstore will have plenty of affordable and smartly priced accessories for you to bring on your trip, giving you peace of mind and benefits for your next great vacation all in one. The two main categories of RVs are motorhomes and towables, so keep this in mind when browsing the market for the best prices. Eager for your vacation? With an RV on your side you can lay any concerns to rest.

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