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Snow pushers

Snowy states are a beast! While some are lucky to get even a lick of snow, others become all but uninhabitable once the last leaf of autumn falls. Rain, snow, slush and ice are vicious adversaries who won’t bend for anybody, so long-lasting equipment is essential in clearing out neighborhoods, schools and universities efficiently. Storms alone had caused over $2 billion in losses just in 2014! And that’s not even taking into account the billions of dollars caused yearly by slipping on ice, the likelihood being higher in elderly populations. A good snow box pusher becomes your best friend once the holiday season starts rolling in and it’s better to get a deal now than later. Below are quick and easy tips to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when shopping for steel snow pushers.

What should I buy?

When finding a snow pusher for sale, you need to make sure it’s best suited for the areas you’re going to be cleaning. The V Plow is prime for sidewalks, as this angled snow pusher is uncanny in its ability to split snow cleanly on hard cement surfaces. Chain, shackles and binders that are hard to maintain in the cold weather can have their lifespan lengthened by a quality bucket clamp to boot — not only is the connection time decreased, your control over the snow is expanded. You don’t want snow uselessly piling up when you need to get it out of the way and fast! The biggest containment plow in the world won’t matter if it doesn’t match your work. And last, but not least, a good snow shovel should fit your work environment seamlessly-a round nose shovel compliments the leftover chunks left by plows, while a square shovel cuts well through stubborn ice and removes hard pack snow. A snow box pusher should aid, not impede, your already difficult (and very cold) work!

When do I buy?

Don’t wait until the weather starts getting hard before you invest, either! Inventory may be year-round for snow pusher manufacturers, but you’re better off buying early and testing out your equipment before the weather gets heavy. The last thing you’d want is to have an issue with your containment plow during a blizzard. Heavy duty snow plows may be built to last, but they’re not infallible. February is a prime time of year for customers to start taking their gear in for review, so gauge your own unique job requirements and figure out what’s right for you and your work.

Many places from Denver to Utah have had record highs of eight feet of snow or more in recent seasons. Preventing everything from money loss to extreme injury is tantamount in a society that becomes more urbanized by the day — when the National Snow Analysis has seen the U.S. covered in over 63% of snow in recent years, you don’t want this to be an area where you slip up (pardon the pun). Make a note on your calender and find your snow box pusher today!

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