The 50th Anniversary Shelby Daytona Coupe Costs How Much?!

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Ac cobra replica

Fifty years ago, the Shelby Daytona Coupe made racing and performance driving history. In its first year of production, Carroll Shelby’s AC Cobra not only took home SCCA’s coveted ‘A Production’ championship, but it also became a reputable contender for drag races worldwide.
For its 50th anniversary, 50 limited edition AC Shelby Cobras were released onto the market. But to buy one, you’ll have to empty out just about every piggy bank in the neighborhood.
The price tag on the muscle car totals to a whopping $349,995.
To be fair, the car is pretty tricked out.
True to the original designed the 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe was designed with authentic sensibilities with an acknowledgement of the future’s innovations. According to Auto Week, the limited edition model has a small, sleek exterior with an aluminum body, kickin it old school with a spring leaf suspension. To boot, the car has wooden steering and leather seats.
As if that weren’t enough to get any motor head’s engines revving, the car can also be ordered and customized with whatever engine your heart desires.
For those with a little less pocket change, there is a fiberglass model available for the measly price of $179,999.
But even if that bargain right there isn’t exactly in your price range, don’t fret! Luckily, there are options that won’t drain your future child’s college fund and will still have you zooming down the highway in style.
For those who want popular performance cars like the Shelby Cobra but don’t want to spend as much money, authentic replication is the most viable option. Using a Cobra car kit, people can design their own Shelby Cobra kit car using upgrade parts and the body of a different car. While this typically costs around $20,000, it’s a big difference compared to the 50th anniversary model.
With a price difference of that caliber, you can recreate almost 20 Shelby Cobras using a cobra car kit. It might be excessive, but it’s always good to dream ridiculously big.

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