The Ancient Origins of Your Modern Machine Tools

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A precision machine company creates accurate, reliable tools used for shaping wood, metal, and synthetic materials into finished products that improve homes and enrich lives. Those who own machine tools such as saws, planers, milling machines, and lathes understand the intricacies of such complex machines. There is nothing worse than starting a project only to find that you need to pay for lathe repair before you can finish it. It may be best to consider the historical origins of such machines, as those who do not respect their tools are often the ones who have to pay for pricy machine tool repair. From ancient to modern, here’s a look at those tools that make our lives easier.

The Development of Machine Tools Throughout the Ages
Many of the elements of modern machine tooling have humble, ancient origins such as the lathe which dates back to Ancient Egypt. While the first lathes were hand-powered using a bow, the Industrial Revolution introduced lathes that could be powered by water wheels and steam engines. Today, machine tools can provide a variety of functions from threating and boring to turning and facing. Many of the products in your own home could not have been if it were not for high precision machining, which is responsible for creating candle sticks, musical instruments, furniture legs, and even gun barrels.

Maintaining Your Machine Tools
Proper maintenance is required to avoid lathe repair. Regular cleaning and lubrication can help to reduce regular wear and tear. Machine tool services also recommend keeping your machine tools dry and away from extreme temperatures. Those machines such as lathes that have a chip or a gram require some extra maintence to avoid costly lathe repair. That chip or gram should never be cleaned with high pressure air, as it could potentially blow debris into the machine’s crevices which could lead to costly damages.

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