The Care and Feeding of the Average Car

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Cars are big business. Once a car leaves the dealership, there begins a cycle of never ending maintenance and repairs. Car service includes everything from soup to nuts, so to speak. From the first time the new owner drives the vehicle off the lot, there will always be something to maintain. The sale and purchase of used cars is as booming a business as is the sale and purchase of new cars. As a matter of fact, statistics show that three out of four cars sold are pre-used vehicles.

Keeping your vehicle tuned up is a money-saving and, believe it or not, a time-saving process. By giving your car regular checkups you may catch problems that haven’t yet surfaced and be able to fix them before they become an expensive interruption to the daily use of the vehicle. The time and money you spend making repairs to problems that could have been prevented will make you wish you would have paid attention to that knock or that ping you heard that you chose to ignore!

It is imperative to have your car’s oil changed every 5,000 miles or so. This is a relatively inexpensive service which, if ignored long enough, could very well end the life of your car. Car service also includes checking fluid levels, such as steering wheel fluid and brake fluid, as well as the air pressure in your tires. When the tires are correctly inflated, you can increase its fuel efficiency by 3%. Proper tire pressure will also improve the safety of your vehicle. The fact is that 2,600 people lose their lives each year because someone dropped the ball when keeping up with car maintenance. Another 100,000 become disabled as a result of improper car care. Car service is not just important for the life of the car, it is important for the lives of the people in the car, and for those they share the road with.

Car dealerships are springing up everywhere. This is nothing new, it’s ongoing, and has been for many years. Over four million people work in the car industry in one capacity or another. Dealerships and car service garages are very large contributors to our economy.

Years ago all cars were standard transmission, which meant that almost every car purchased was driven manually, with a stick shift. Now, cars with automatic transmissions are the preference for most drivers. Automatic gear shift vehicles outnumber the standard, ten to one. If Henry Ford only knew!

Remembering to pay attention to your car’s idiosyncrisies can sometimes save you a headache the size of a migraine. Listen to the sounds it makes (or doesn’t make) and learn to understand its language. Whether your car is a luxury car, or an economy car, its 30,000 parts need the same attention and care.

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