The Difference Between Van and Bus Transportation for a Church Group

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There comes a time for most church groups when better transportation to and from church events or trips is necessary. A caravan of cars can only be tolerated so many times. If you have only about 15 people to transport at a time, then you could have a hard time choosing an ideal vehicle. You could purchase a 15 passenger van, which is the largest van size available, or you could purchase a small bus. The van would be more affordable, but you’ve probably heard about some of the safety concerns surrounding their use.

Should you choose a 15 passenger van, or a bus?

The truth about 15 passenger vans.

Did you know that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released an official statement on these vans, suggesting that they either be replaced with small buses, or operated with very strict safety measures? Along with their statement was a series of grim statistics. In the span of 10 years, 15 passenger vans were involved in 1,512 fatal crashes. Unless your church is prepared to sacrifice comfort, and safety, these vans are not a good option.

The truth about church buses.

Besides a large van, church buses for sale are the most efficient and affordable option when a group takes transportation into its own hands. While a bus requires more specialized maintenance, and bus parts can be more difficult to find than van parts, there are distinct advantages to the bus option, including customization options, and a greater degree of comfort for the passengers. A bus will have a longer lifespan than a van, and above all else, a potentially safer ride. However, if your group is going to occasionally need to accommodate more passengers, purchasing a larger bus will mean that the driver might need a CDL license.

For issues of safety alone, your group should consider any bus for sale an excellent alternative to the van. If your group is also interested in owning a vehicle with a longer life, and one that offers a more comfortable ride for the passengers, then deciding between the two should be fairly easy. If affordability ends up being the deciding factor, and your group has no other option but to choose the van, then remember to adhere to NTSB safety recommendations, excellent routine maintenance, and careful, responsible operation.

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