The Economic And Environmental Benefits Of Bus Travel

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Chartered buses

Not everybody can afford the luxury of a personally owned car. With gas prices rising and the economy going through multiple changes, more and more people are turning to charter buses when they go on vacation or sign up with a touring company. Charter buses are an environmentally sound option that reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the air while providing people with a safe and affordable way to travel. Below I’ll list the financial and environmental benefits comparing charter vs. carpool and how you can take advantage of these options when you need an effective way to get where you need to go.

History Of Travel In The West

Modes of travel have changed drastically in the past few centuries. Horse drawn buses were used in the early 1800′s, with the first public bus line having been invented in Paris in the 1600′s. Steam-powered buses were pioneered in England before the 19th century and were used for regular intercity travel. Nowadays it’s common to have a charter bus company on every inch of American soil, proving especially popular for student and senior populations. Charter bus transportation is a highly effective and cost savvy solution for travelers everywhere. But how exactly do they benefit us?

Economic And Environmental Benefit Of Bus Travel

Using a bus reduces the average carbon footprint often left by conventional vehicles and is a cheaper mode of transportation than renting a car for the weekend. Motorcoaches can provide over 200 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to the standard 92 MPG for commuter rail and the 27 MPG for automobiles. Over 751,000,000 motorcoach trips are taken every year in the United States alone and they are considered vital in encouraging tourist economies. The majority of the motorcoach industry is comprised of small businesses, providing services ranging from sightseeing, commuter and airport shuttle. Last, but not least, motorcoaches are also 3 times more efficient in reducing CO2 output compared to transit buses. When it comes to charter vs. carpool, charter wins out for its positive environmental impact and reduced cost.

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