The Effects of Drinking and Safe Drinking Habits

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The human race has been drinking alcohol for as long as we have concrete evidence for anything we?ve eaten and drunk, and every culture has developed and enjoyed fermented beverages of one kind of another. The key to making the most of this enjoyable human invention is to understand what it?s doing in our bodies and cultivate safe drinking habits.

What?s it Doing Inside Me?

Alcohol goes into your bloodstream primarily through the walls of the stomach. How fast it goes in depends on your weight, how much you have on your stomach, and the type of drink you’ve had. Once absorbed, 90% of the alcohol is processed by your liver, and 10% leaves you via your sweat and breath. What does this mean? First, it?s impossible to actually sober up faster by drinking or eating anything in particular. Your liver can only process about one drink in an hour and nothing can change that. Second, while you may feel like the alcohol isn?t affecting you because it takes more drinks to have the same effect as it did before, you?re quite wrong. You are not processing it any faster.

Isn?t a High Tolerance Good?

Nope. Your body?s negative reactions to alcohol are a good thing! That?s your built-in warning system that lets you know you?ve had more than your liver can handle. Once you?ve broken this warning system by building up a high tolerance, you have to rely on your judgment to decide when to stop drinking. And since alcohol impairs judgment, this is actually a pretty stupid thing to do. It?s fairly easy to decrease your tolerance, though. Ramp down your drinking for a while, or take breaks for a few weeks at points throughout the year.

Protect Yourself From Driving

The concept of the designated driver is pretty well know, but what about a car breathalyzer, or ignition interlock? Although car breathalyzer prices may seem high, they?re nothing compared to what you?ll pay if you get caught drunk driving. Every year, car crashes in America caused by alcohol cost those involved $59 billion. If that doesn?t convince you, know that every day in the United States, 28 people die from a drunk driving crash. Car breathalyzer prices are nothing compared to the price of your life.

Car breathalyzer prices are also nothing when compared to the cost of a DUI ticket. In a lot of states, a blood alcohol level of below 0.08 can still get you arrested and convicted. An ignition interlock device can protect you from all this, as it requires the driver to blow into a tube before starting the car. The car will not start if BAC is too high.

Moderate Your Drinking

Ignition interlock installation can only really protect you from hurting yourself or someone else with your car. What about the effects that heavy drinking have on your health? Getting into the habit of moderating your drinking will allow you to enjoy alcohol and its health and social benefits while avoiding most of the health issues associated with heavy drinking. Set a drinking limit for the week and for each individual drinking episode. How many days a week will you drink, and when you do how many will you down?

Know the Safe Limits

In general, women should be limiting themselves to about three drinks a day and nine drinks a week. For men, the limit is slightly higher at four drinks a day and fourteen a week. Also know how much alcohol is in each drink you order. One drink is usually defined as one shot of hard liquor, four ounces of wine, and 10 to 12 ounces of beer (depending on the alcohol content).

Drink Socially

For a lot of people, serious drinking problems occur when they start drinking a lot alone. Drinking alone can get you in the habit of drinking because you?re miserable: always a dangerous proposition. Save your drinking for enjoying friends, family, and celebration.

Whatever you like to drink, do what you need to stay safe. And if you know you?re having trouble controlling your drinking, don?t let car breathalyzer prices put you off from contacting ignition interlock installers and ensuring you?ll never have a drunk driving issue.

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