The Efficiency Of Diesel Engines And Why More Americans Are Making The Switch

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How familiar are you with the inner workings of your car? If you just use it to go back and forth between your job you may have your knowledge limited to gas prices and the best deals on used tires. For those that want to brush up on their car know-how it all boils down to the proverbial heart of your vehicle — the engine. A powerful engine can mean the difference between a car with an average or long lifespan, doing everything to power all the necessary functions and keep your driving experience a smooth one. Likewise, a weak or poorly maintained engine can be a virtual money leech and affect your ability to drive safely on the open road. Ready to brush up on your engine and fuel knowledge? It all starts below.

History Of The Modern Engine

The engines we know and love today weren’t always so efficient. The diesel engine, in particular, was first patented 125 years ago by Rudolf Diesel. It was designed to take in a different kind of fuel while still delivering on the same quality Americans were growing to know and expect in their vehicles. Over the years the diesel fuel engine would be gradually perfected, eventually released in multiple different car models to remain accessible to the widest audience possible. A Duramax injector or common rail injectors would soon fill the market as maintenance options for car owners.

Diesel Engine Sales

Think the diesel engine’s success is just a fluke? Think again. While diesel vehicles accounted for only 3% of sales back in 2012, that number is expected to double by the time 2018 rolls around. The year 2014 saw VW accounting for more than 50% of diesel car sales in the United States. Last, but certainly not least, cars with diesel engines are 20% to 40% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts and are even more so when maintained with a powerstroke performance injectors or a Duramax injector.

Efficient Fuel Sources

Did you know diesel fuel is anywhere from 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline? It’s one of many reasons thousands of Americans have turned to its unique properties over the standard, eager to save money and contribute to a cleaner environment all in one fell swoop. The life of diesel fuel drops to between six and 12 months when kept at a proper ambient temperature — this is widely considered to be 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Even now many turn to a Duramax injector to make sure their engine is getting the car it needs. But it’s not enough to know which tools to use. You need to know how to use them and how to keep them from failing.

Using Diesel Fuel Injection To Maintain Your Engine

We’ve learned that diesel fuel engines have been around for quite some time. We’ve learned that they’ve paved the way for more efficient driving experiences. We’ve even learned that they can save car owners significant amounts of money due to their smart economic model and widespread appeal. Using a fuel injector system, such as a Duramax injector, will help immensely in keeping your engine fighting fit. There are two major types of deposits that can cause your injector to fail due to build-up — external and internal, both of which can be cleaned with a careful hand. Remember that injection pressures that reach 30,000 psi create a fine mist of fuel and a more complete burning experience. Think you have what it takes to bring out the best in your car?

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